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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Delight'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
101 Boy Madin Delightful
102 Boy Madin Delightful
103 Boy Magana Delightful
104 Boy Mandin Delighting
105 Boy Mandin Delighting
106 Boy Manogya Delightful, pleasing, handsome
107 Girl Modin Delightful
108 Boy Moditya Pleased, gratified, delighted
109 Boy Mukhtair Cheerful, delightful
110 Girl Munmun Mind, delight, will, love, longing, lover, joy, im
111 Girl Naimah Delight
112 Girl Naimah Delight
113 Girl Naimat Blessing, favour, delight, ease, wealth
114 Girl Nanda Peace, voyage, courage, delight, prosperity, happi
115 Girl Nandhita Delightful
116 Boy Nandil Happy, delighted
117 Boy Nandin Son, delightful
118 Boy Nandin Son, delightful
119 Girl Nandini Daughter, a holy cow, best of joy, delightful
120 Boy Nandit Delighted
121 Girl Naomi Beautiful, pleasant, delightful
122 Girl Naomi Enjoyment, pleasure, above all, beauty, delightful
123 Boy Narmad Bringing delight
124 Boy Narmad Bringing delight
125 Boy Nayanananda Thde delight of the eye
126 Boy Nihal Gratified, delighted, happy, prosperous, king, bli
127 Girl Parivu Delight, distress, affliction.
128 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
129 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
130 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
131 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
132 Boy Parsanjit Delighted victory
133 Boy Pracheth Delight
134 Boy Prajwal Delightable
135 Boy Pramod Delight
136 Boy Pramod Happy, growth, happiness, delight
137 Boy Pramodana The joyful, delightful
138 Boy Pramodit Delighted, glad
139 Boy Pranjal Delightful, simple
140 Boy Pranjal Delightful, simple
141 Boy Pratosh Extreme delight
142 Boy Pratosh Extreme delight
143 Girl Pratosh A person who is extremely delightful
144 Boy Pravadi Extreme delight
145 Boy Prita Delighted, joyful
146 Girl Priyadarsani Delightful to look at
147 Girl Priyadarshini Delightful to look at
148 Girl Priyadarshini Delightful to look
149 Girl Priyadarsini Delightful to look at
150 Boy Radwan Delight
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