All Names Starting with Vovel 'E'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
351 Boy Ekata First, single
352 Girl Ekata Unity
353 Girl Ekata-ektaa Unity
354 Girl Ekata;ektaa Unity
355 Boy Ekatal Rhythmic, a single beat, musical harmony
356 Boy Ekatala Emperor, single beat
357 Boy Ekatan Closely attentive
358 Boy Ekath One soul
359 Girl Ekatha Unity
360 Boy Ekatma One soul
361 Boy Ekatvacha One who keeps repeating the same thing, parrot
362 Girl Ekatya One girl no any girls
363 Girl Ekavali Single-string
364 Boy Ekaveer A king
365 Boy Ekavir Bravest of the brave
366 Boy Ekavira Lord shiva's daughter
367 Girl Ekavira The bravest
368 Boy Ekayan The doctrine of unity, worldly wisdom
369 Boy Ekayana Doctrine of unity, worldly wisdom
370 Boy Ekayasti A single string of pearls
371 Boy Ekayastika A single string of pearls
372 Boy Ekayavan The wise one
373 Boy Ekbal Dignity, lord shiva's daughter
374 Boy Ekbir Only brave
375 Boy Ekdak Identical
376 Boy Ekdant Ekadant
377 Boy Ekdant;ekadant Another name of lord ganesha
378 Girl Ekdha The person who is alone
379 Boy Ekeesh The primal god
380 Boy Ekendra The sole lord, the supreme being
381 Boy Eker Barren, feeble.
382 Boy Ekesa The sole god
383 Boy Ekeshwar The supreme being
384 Boy Ekesvara Add meaning
385 Boy Ekeswar God is one
386 Boy Ekeswara Shiva is only one
387 Boy Eki Liquid, dignity
388 Girl Eki A single string necklace
389 Boy Ekikarana Add meaning
390 Girl Ekikarana Add meaning
391 Boy Ekisa One god, the primal god
392 Girl Ekisha One goddess
393 Boy Ekiya Kindness
394 Girl Ekiya The only one person, love
395 Girl Ekjit Victorious one
396 Boy Ekjot God is one
397 Girl Ekjot God is one
398 Girl Ekjyot One, united
399 Girl Ekkam One, united
400 Boy Ekkari Name
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