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Yatiyasa Name Compatibility with VIRGO

  • Kanya
  • Vrushchik

Relationship Compability of Yatiyasa with Mother as VIRGO Compability are as Below.

Yatiyasa's mother and Yatiyasa are quite practical in their approach and always feel the need of analyzing and dissecting people and life. They hold an introspective approach to the various challenges of life. At times, Yatiyasa can stride fearlessly into any challenging situation, while Yatiyasa's mother may remain cautious. This attitude of Yatiyasa's mother makes Yatiyasa think that the former is way too timid while Yatiyasa's mother on the other hand finds Yatiyasa quite ignorant. Also, in many situations, Yatiyasa proves to be more of stubborn and persevering kind than Yatiyasa's mother. Yatiyasa's mother's lack of commitment and dedication to a project is taken as symbol of weakness. Yatiyasa's mother can view Yatiyasa as little crude and overly passionate. Yatiyasa's mother refines sensitivities while Yatiyasa is primitive, and unsqueamish. If they want their relation to work fine, they will have to adjust with one another's viewpoint and also respect the varied natures.

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