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Karun Name Compatibility with SAGITTARIUS

  • Dhanu
  • Mithun

Relationship Compability of Karun with Father as SAGITTARIUS Compability are as Below.

These two sun signs are extremely curious by nature and are quite restless too. When together, their life is full of vibrancy, changes and very few moves, and adjustments. They love new challenges and together set out on an exploration. Changes can cause certain ups and downs in their relation but they cope up with it very well and enjoy the diversity. Karun's father is quite philosophical in nature and holds some grander plans as compared to Karun, who rather believes in going with the flow and taking life as it comes. Karun's father takes delight in being on a expedition or mission for some of the philosophical reasons or sometimes for personal gain. Karun is often fascinated by the dreams and plans of Karun's father and takes great interest in listening to them. Though their viewpoints are different but they tend to understand each others perspective and seek benefit from that. As they enjoy personal freedom, they give due space to one another and never cling to each other. This makes them quite compatible.

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