Vrushik Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Vrushik Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter N and Y with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on vrushik rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Vrushik Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
201 Boy Neaha Moved, moving
202 Boy Neal Champion
203 Boy Nediyoon Prosperous Guardian
204 Boy Nedumaan Prince
205 Boy Nedumaran Tall And Handsome
206 Boy Nedumudi Happy, Moonshine
207 Boy Neeil Passionate
208 Boy Neel The Colour Blue,The Colour Blue
209 Boy Neelabh Object In The Sky ( Cloud, Moon)
210 Boy Neeladri The Nilgiris
211 Boy Neelaksh Blue Objective
212 Boy Neelam emerald
213 Boy Neelamani Blue Jewel
214 Boy Neelambar Blue Sky
215 Boy Neelambuj Blue Lotus
216 Boy Neelanchal Nilgiri Hills
217 Boy Neelanjan Blue
218 Boy Neelansh The name of a Russian brute
219 Boy Neelay Heaven, home
220 Boy Neelendu Blue; colour of the sea
221 Boy Neelesh Lord Krishna; Moon
222 Boy Neelgreev Lord Shiva
223 Boy Neelkanta Lord Shiva
224 Boy Neelkanth Peacock, Shiva
225 Boy Neelmadhav Lord Jagannath
226 Boy Neelmani Sapphire
227 Boy Neelohit
228 Boy Neelotpal Blue Lotus
229 Boy Neemit Destiny
230 Boy Neer Water
231 Boy Neersharma Water
232 Boy Neeraf River
233 Boy Neeraj Born From Water (lotus, Pearl),Born From Water (l
234 Boy Neerav Quiet; Silent
235 Boy Neeshant Sunrise
236 Boy Neethiyappan Way, A mode in music, Water
237 Boy Neevan Name of one of the ten horses of the Moon
238 Boy Nehansh Handsome
239 Boy Neil blue
240 Boy Nemichand The Name means quiet person
241 Boy Nerivaanan Honest Person
242 Boy Nerrivaanan Honest Person
243 Boy Nervesh Gaining, wages, employment
244 Boy Nesan Prince
245 Boy Netik Excellent or the best
246 Boy Nevan Holy
247 Boy Nian Read
248 Boy Nibhish God Ganesh
249 Boy Nibhiv God Ganesh
250 Boy Nibodh Knowledge
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