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Vrushik Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Vrushik Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter N and Y with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on vrushik rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Vrushik Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
451 Boy Yahya Given by God
452 Boy Yaj A sage
453 Boy Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu
454 Boy Yajnarup Lord Krishna
455 Boy Yajnesh Lord Vishnu
456 Boy Yakash Sky
457 Boy Yaksh Representative of God, A type of a demi God
458 Boy Yaksha A Type of a Demi-God
459 Boy Yakshagna The song (gana) of the yaksha
460 Boy Yakshit Who is made forever, Permanent
461 Boy Yakshith God
462 Boy Yamahil Lord Vishnu
463 Boy Yamajit Lord Shiva
464 Boy Yamajith Another Name For Shiva
465 Boy Yanaikkumkuzhakan Lord Murugan
466 Boy Yanick God is Gracious
467 Boy Yanshu God is Gracious
468 Boy Yasaswy Famous
469 Boy Yash fame
470 Boy Yashanth God
471 Boy Yashas Fame
472 Boy Yashaskaram Bestower of Fame and Fortune
473 Boy Yashasv Victory; Glory; Fame; Success
474 Boy Yashasva Full of fame
475 Boy Yashika Naam uchha karne Wali
476 Boy Yashish Success
477 Boy Yashit Person who brings fame
478 Boy Yashke Person who brings fame
479 Boy Yashmeet Famous; Glorious
480 Boy Yashmiit Famous; Glorious
481 Boy Yashmit famed
482 Boy Yashmith Fame
483 Boy Yashodev Lord Of Fame
484 Boy Yashodhan Rich In Fame
485 Boy Yashodhar Famous
486 Boy Yashodhara One Who Has Achieved Fame
487 Boy Yashovardhana Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful
488 Boy Yashovarman Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful
489 Boy Yashpal Protector Of Fame
490 Boy Yashraj Victory or glory or fame or success
491 Boy Yashta Fame
492 Boy Yashvasin the Popular. Lord Ganesha
493 Boy Yashvik Fame
494 Boy Yashwant One Who Has Achieved Glory
495 Boy Yashwanth One Who Has Achieved Glory
496 Boy Yaswanth One Who Has Achieved Glory
497 Boy Yathansh Lord Vishnu
498 Boy Yatharth Proper
499 Boy Yathavan Lord Vishnu
500 Boy Yathish King of Priests
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