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Vrushabh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Vrushabh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter B, V and U with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on vrushabh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Vrushabh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
401 Girl Viruapa Vivacious, lively
402 Girl Viruni Vivacious, lively
403 Girl Visaala Spacious
404 Girl Visaalaakshi The girl with prosperity
405 Girl Visaali The girl with prosperity
406 Girl Visaarada Experienced
407 Girl Visala celestial Apsara
408 Girl Visaladchi Goddess Parvathi
409 Girl Visalya celestial Apsara
410 Girl Vishaka Stars
411 Girl Vishakha Star; A Nakshatra; Unconquered
412 Girl Vishalaakshi Great, grandeur, unstoppable
413 Girl Vishalakshi Large eyed; Goddess Durga
414 Girl Vishi To attach, To conciliate, To bind to
415 Girl Vishika Lamp, Stars
416 Girl Vishishta Distinguished, Excellent, One who is special, Extr
417 Girl Vishlesha Explanation Or Clarification
418 Girl Vishnukalpa Able; Fit
419 Girl Vishnulakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
420 Girl Vishnumaya Spell of Lord Vishnu
421 Girl Vishnupatni The Consort of Vishnu
422 Girl Vishnupriya Goddess Laxmi; Dear to lord Vishnu
423 Girl Vishnuvakshah Residing in Vishnu's Chest
424 Girl Vishnuvardhani Rest
425 Girl Vishriti Famous
426 Girl Vishrutha Famous
427 Girl Vishruti Flowing forth, Spread
428 Girl Vishvika Goddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
429 Girl Vishwa World
430 Girl Vishwaja World
431 Girl Vishwajaa World
432 Girl Vishwajanani Mother of the Universe
433 Girl Vishwajeeta Conquerer Of The World
434 Girl Visika Goddess Of The Universe
435 Girl Visishta Distinguished, Excellent, One who is special, Extr
436 Girl Visvada Lord Of The Universe
437 Girl Visvaesvari Goddess Of The Universe
438 Girl Visvakala Art Of World
439 Girl Visvakalpa Able; Fit In The World
440 Girl Visvasita Way, Road
441 Girl Viswadharini Goddess Durga
442 Girl Vitansha Demon Of WAR
443 Girl Viti Light
444 Girl Vitisha Light
445 Girl Vivaeka Alive, living, life
446 Girl Vivana Moon
447 Girl Vivian Alive
448 Girl Viviana Life
449 Girl Viyana Special knowledge
450 Girl Viyanshi Part Of Special knowledge
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