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Vrushabh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Vrushabh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter B, V and U with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on vrushabh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Vrushabh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
101 Girl Utsavi Festivities
102 Girl Uttalika Wave
103 Girl Uttamjot The exalted, divine light
104 Girl Uttamleen Immersed in the Love of Divine
105 Girl Uttampreet Exalted love; love of the Divine
106 Girl Uttamreet Exalted way of life
107 Girl Uttamroop Of beauteous form
108 Girl Uttara Daughter of king Virata
109 Girl Uttra North Direction
110 Girl Vaachi Nectar like speech
111 Girl Vaagdhaevi Goddess of learning; Goddess Saraswati
112 Girl Vaaghira
113 Girl Vaahini Flowing
114 Girl Vaahinika Flowing
115 Girl Vaahnita Milky Way
116 Girl Vaamika An epithet of the goddess Durga, situated on the l
117 Girl Vaamya name of Vishnu
118 Girl Vaani Speech; Goddess Saraswati
119 Girl Vaanika Sita
120 Girl Vaanya Ideal daughter
121 Girl Vaarahi One who rides on Varaah
122 Girl Vaarija Lotus
123 Girl Vaarshika A Goddess Name
124 Girl Vaaruni Consort of god Varun, Of water
125 Girl Vaasamti Wealth
126 Girl Vaasavadatta A Name In Sanskrit Classics
127 Girl Vaasavi Wife of lord Indra
128 Girl Vaasavya Learned
129 Girl Vachi Eloquent Speaker
130 Girl Vachya Sita
131 Girl Vadana The mouth, Face, Countenance, Appearance, Look, Th
132 Girl Vadehi Of Videhas; princess of Videhas
133 Girl Vadivu Beautiful Feature
134 Girl Vadivukarasi Queen of Beauty
135 Girl Vaedavalli Beautiful Feature
136 Girl Vaedavati Beautiful Feature
137 Girl Vaeni Saraswati
138 Girl Vaghisa Lord Of Speech
139 Girl Vagisha The Goddess of speech, Sarasvatee
140 Girl Vagmita Eloquence
141 Girl Vaheeda Beautiful
142 Girl Vaibhavi Richness; Prosperity; Glorious; Powerful; Born of
143 Girl Vaibhvi Richness; Prosperity; Glorious; Powerful; Born of
144 Girl Vaidaehi Flag, A Kind of necklace
145 Girl Vaidangi The part of the sacred knowledge
146 Girl Vaidanshi The part of the sacred knowledge
147 Girl Vaidehee Sita; wife of Ram
148 Girl Vaidehi Sita; wife of Lord Ram
149 Girl Vaiga Goddess parvathi
150 Girl Vaigai A river in Tamil nadu
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