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Tula Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Tula Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter R and Ta with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on tula rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Tula Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
101 Girl Randeep The lamp (hero) of the battle
102 Girl Rangjot One colored in the union of God
103 Girl Rangleen Imbued in the Lord's absorbtion
104 Girl Rangpreet The lover of God's Love
105 Girl Rani Queen
106 Girl Ranjana entertainment
107 Girl Ranjita Amusing; Decorated; Adorned
108 Girl Ranjot The Light of the Battlefield
109 Girl Ras To love
110 Girl Rasa Nectar; full of essence
111 Girl Rasamayi Nectar; full of essence
112 Girl Rasapriya One who is fond of pleasure, love, charm
113 Girl Rasaramya Drinking the elixir of courage
114 Girl Rasbir Drinking the elixir of courage
115 Girl Rasdeep Lamp of the Elixir
116 Girl Rashi A collection of wealth; Sign
117 Girl Rashita A collection of wealth; Sign
118 Girl Rashmi Sun Rays
119 Girl Rashmika Small beam of moon-/sunlight
120 Girl Rashvi A collection of wealth; Sign
121 Girl Rasika Full of Passion, elegant; with discrimination
122 Girl Rasjeevan One whose life is full of elixir of Naam
123 Girl Rasleen One absorbed in the elixir of Naam
124 Girl Rasmi Beam of moon-/sunlight
125 Girl Rasnam One who drinks the elixir of Naam
126 Girl Ratanbir The priceless brave one
127 Girl Ratandeep Precious like God's Lamp
128 Girl Ratangeet Song of diamond (soul)
129 Girl Ratanjot The diamond of God's Light
130 Girl Ratanpreet One who is in love of the Diamond (Holy Word)
131 Girl Rateedaevi Who comes on night
132 Girl Rathika Satisfied
133 Girl Ratika Love, Attachment or pleasure
134 Girl Ratna gem
135 Girl Ratnaamba Gem Mother
136 Girl Ratnaavali Ornamented
137 Girl Ratnabali The heroine of Sanskrit sahitya
138 Girl Ratnakumaari Gem Adored young lady
139 Girl Ratnamaala Jewels necklace
140 Girl Ratnamani Precious stone
141 Girl Ratnaprabha Lustrous Jewel; Earth
142 Girl Ratnapriya Adorned or loved by jewels
143 Girl Ratnavali a bunch of gems
144 Girl Ratni Jewel
145 Girl Raudramukhi One who has a fierce face like destroyer Rudra
146 Girl Raudri Goddess Parvati
147 Girl Ravali Eshwara
148 Girl Raveena A Form Of Raven
149 Girl Raveena-ravina Sunny; Beauty o the Sun
150 Girl Ravikala The god of Sun, knowledge
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