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Tula Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Tula Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter R and Ta with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on tula rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Tula Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
51 Girl Raghavi Music
52 Girl Raghunaadaamba Princess of Raghu Dynasty
53 Girl Raghvee Music
54 Girl Ragini Loving, affectionate; a song
55 Girl Raishaa A young gazelle
56 Girl Raiya Heaven
57 Girl Rajalaksmi Goddess Lakshmi
58 Girl Rajaneekaamta Royalty
59 Girl Rajani night
60 Girl Rajanigandha night blossoming scented flower
61 Girl Rajannya Royal; like a king
62 Girl Rajasi worthy of a king
63 Girl Rajasree King
64 Girl Rajata silver
65 Girl Rajbir The warrior of the kingdom
66 Girl Rajeshwari Goddess Parvati; Queen
67 Girl Rajindar The king of god of gods
68 Girl Rajpal The protector king
69 Girl Rajshree King of wealth
70 Girl Rajvee Princess
71 Girl Rajveer The warrior or hero of the kingdom
72 Girl Rajvi Princess
73 Girl Rajvika Goddess Saraswati
74 Girl Rakhi thread of brother-sister bonding
75 Girl Rakhshita Protected
76 Girl Rakshana The act of protecting, Watching over
77 Girl Rakshita Protector
78 Girl Rakshitha Guarded; Secure; Saved
79 Girl Raksitha
80 Girl Raktima Attractive, Charming, Affection, Attachment, Devot
81 Girl Rama Lakshmi
82 Girl Ramaamaala Garland of Rama
83 Girl Ramaaprabha Cute lady
84 Girl Ramanaesvari Another Name of Goddess Sita
85 Girl Ramanamma Absorbed in the Light of Lord s Love
86 Girl Ramandeep Absorbed in the Light of Lord's Love
87 Girl Ramani beautiful girl
88 Girl Rambha name of an apsara
89 Girl Rameshwari Parvati
90 Girl Ramgamani Beloved of Rama
91 Girl Ramgamma Beloved of Rama
92 Girl Ramganaayaki Consort of Rama
93 Girl Ramgavalli Absorbed in the Lord
94 Girl Ramindar Absorbed in the Lord
95 Girl Ramita pleasing
96 Girl Ramjani The one who entertains others
97 Girl Ramjita Pleased
98 Girl Ramneek Beauteous
99 Girl Ramya Beautiful
100 Girl Ranbir The brave warrior
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