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Tula Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Tula Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter R and Ta with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on tula rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Tula Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Girl Raaamalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
2 Girl Raadha Success; lightning
3 Girl Raadhaadaevi Goddess of Succes
4 Girl Raadhee Agreed, Contended
5 Girl Raadhika Successful
6 Girl Raaga Belongs to music terms
7 Girl Raagacamdrika Belongs to music terms
8 Girl Raagalata Creeper, Vine of melodies
9 Girl Raagamaalika Garland of melodies
10 Girl Raagamayi Melodious
11 Girl Raagati Melodious
12 Girl Raaghavaesvari Goddess Parvati; Queen
13 Girl Raaghavamma Music
14 Girl Raagini Loving, affectionate; a song
15 Girl Raajaesvari Goddess Parvati; Queen
16 Girl Raajamma King
17 Girl Raajasuloecana The exalted empress
18 Girl Raajavamsi Heritage
19 Girl Raajee King
20 Girl Raajeevaloecana blue lotus, one who rules all
21 Girl Raajita Bright; Brilliant
22 Girl Raajyalakshmi Propriety of a King
23 Girl Raajyasree Propriety of a King
24 Girl Raakhee Bond of protection
25 Girl Raakhi Bond of protection
26 Girl Raamaambika Goddess of the moon
27 Girl Raamaanujamma He was a saint
28 Girl Raamaesvari Consort of Ram
29 Girl Raamalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
30 Girl Raamamma God Rama
31 Girl Raamapriya Name of a raaga in Karnatic classical music
32 Girl Raamatulasi Holy plant with sweet fragrance (Basil)
33 Girl Raamulamma knowledge of practical medicine
34 Girl Raani Queen
35 Girl Raashi Collection
36 Girl Raavee Awesome
37 Girl Raavi Awesome
38 Girl Racana Creation
39 Girl Rachana Creation
40 Girl Rachika Creator
41 Girl Rachita Created
42 Girl Rachna Creation
43 Girl Radhika Successful
44 Girl Raekha Fine
45 Girl Raenu Atom; Particle; Grain; Sand
46 Girl Raenuka Name of Jamadagni; Mother of Parasuram
47 Girl Raeshma Silky
48 Girl Raevati Derived From Raven
49 Girl Ragavika Raghavi
50 Girl Rageswari-rageshwari Goddess o melody; Master o Melodic modes
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