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Sinh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Sinh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter M and T with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on sinh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Sinh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
251 Girl Mayukhi peahen
252 Girl Mayure Peacock
253 Girl Mayuri peahen
254 Girl Medha Goddess Saraswati
255 Girl Medhaswi Who Born With Intelligence
256 Girl Meena-mina Precious blue stone; With Beautiul Eyes resembling
257 Girl Meenaakshi A lady with beautiful eyes
258 Girl Meenadchi A lady with beautiful eyes
259 Girl Meenakshi-minakshi Goddess Parvathi; One with ish shaped eyes
260 Girl Meenu Fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing Lo
261 Girl Meera a devotee of Krishna
262 Girl Meeraa a devotee of Krishna
263 Girl Meeshika Alive, She who lives
264 Girl Meethi Truthful
265 Girl Megalai Great Artist; Daughter of Maathavi
266 Girl Megam Pearl
267 Girl Megha Cloud
268 Girl Meghala Strong
269 Girl Meghana cloud
270 Girl Meghna A Cloud
271 Girl Meha Cloud
272 Girl Mehak Sweet Smell
273 Girl Mehakpreet Sweet Love
274 Girl Mehek Sweet Smell
275 Girl Mehreet Loving nature
276 Girl Mehrose Loving nature
277 Girl Meishka Gift of Love
278 Girl Meitraeyi Excellent Art; also Mekalai, Megala, Megalai
279 Girl Mellisha
280 Girl Menaka celestial damsel
281 Girl Menansha Numbered, rewarded, prepared.
282 Girl Mendi She who must be loved
283 Girl Methli A name from Mahabharat; Sita"s (Lord Rama"s wife)
284 Girl Methra Dew Drops
285 Girl Midhila Kingdom of Mithi
286 Girl Miduna A pair
287 Girl Mihani Derived from Mih
288 Girl Mihika Dew Drops
289 Girl Mihira Sunlight
290 Girl Miley Vine
291 Girl Mili To meet
292 Girl Milie Strength; determination
293 Girl Mimansh Little dove
294 Girl Minal A precious stone
295 Girl Minaxi One with fish shaped eyes
296 Girl Minha Gift
297 Girl Mini Small (often a pet name)
298 Girl Minissha Intelligence of the mind
299 Girl Minjal Charming, lovely
300 Girl Minti Star of the sea
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