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Sinh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Sinh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter M and T with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on sinh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Sinh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
101 Girl Maisha Life
102 Girl Maishaa
103 Girl Maithili Goddess Lakshmi
104 Girl Maithra God of the sun
105 Girl Maithreyi Second wife of famous sage
106 Girl Maithri Friendship
107 Girl Maitreya the name of a sage
108 Girl Maitreyee Second wife of famous sage
109 Girl Maitreyi A wise woman
110 Girl Maitry friendship
111 Girl Mala necklace, garland
112 Girl Malai Angel
113 Girl Malaika Angel
114 Girl Malaimagal Name of a Hindu Goddess, Goddess Parvati
115 Girl Malarvilli Flower of Protection
116 Girl Malasri Woman wearing a garland
117 Girl Malati Jasmine
118 Girl Malavika One who lived in Malva
119 Girl Malaya Sandalwood trees
120 Girl Malha Queen
121 Girl Malika Flower
122 Girl Malini Fragrant
123 Girl Malishka Gentle Like a Flower
124 Girl Mallaesvari Gentle Like a Flower
125 Girl Mallaimagal Jasmine
126 Girl Mallamma Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance; Jasmine
127 Girl Mallarvili Beautiful Eyed
128 Girl Mallarvilli Beautiful Eyed
129 Girl Mallarvizhi Beautiful Eyed
130 Girl Malligai Jasmine
131 Girl Mallika queen
132 Girl Malvika One who lived in Malva
133 Girl Mamata love, affection
134 Girl Mamdaakini Slow moving; river
135 Girl Mamdasmita Smiling
136 Girl Mamdira Temple, Melody
137 Girl Mamga Traveller, wanderer
138 Girl Mamgala Auspicious
139 Girl Mamgamma Auspicious
140 Girl Mamgataayaaru Auspicious
141 Girl Mamjari Bud of a Mango Tree
142 Girl Mamjeera lovely, beautiful
143 Girl Mamju lovely, beautiful
144 Girl Mamjuasha lovely, beautiful
145 Girl Mamjula Beautiful; loveable; a spring
146 Girl Mamjulata Beautiful; loveable; a spring
147 Girl Mamjuvaani Supernatural power
148 Girl Mamta Motherly love; Affection
149 Girl Mana Mind
150 Girl Manaesvari Attainment, achievement
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