Sinh Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Sinh Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter M and T with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on sinh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Sinh Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
201 Boy Mansukh One with peace of mind; happy one
202 Boy Mantavya Thought
203 Boy Manth Thought
204 Boy Manthan Reflection Through Study
205 Boy Mantram Holy Name. Lord Vishnu
206 Boy Manu Founder Father Of Human Beings
207 Boy Manuj Son Of Manu
208 Boy Manuraj Kuber
209 Boy Manvay
210 Boy Manvendra King Among Men
211 Boy Manvi One who poses all best qualities
212 Boy Manvir Brave minded; one with brave thoughts
213 Boy Manvit Most respectable
214 Boy Manvith Most respectable
215 Boy Manwendra King among men
216 Boy Manyu Mind
217 Boy Marahathan
218 Boy Marai Marsh
219 Boy Maraichelvan Marsh
220 Boy Maral Swan
221 Boy Maran Our master
222 Boy Mardav Softness
223 Boy Mareechi Ray Of Light
224 Boy Markandeya A Devotee To Lord Shiva
225 Boy Martand Sun
226 Boy Martanda The Sun
227 Boy Marudeva Lord Of The Desert
228 Boy Marudhan From the lush green fields
229 Boy Marutatmaj Most Beloved Like Gems
230 Boy Marutatmaja Adored Like Gems
231 Boy Maruthavanan Most Beloved Like Gems
232 Boy Maruti Lord Hanuman
233 Boy Maskeen The humble one
234 Boy Mastaan Intoxicated with the Elixir of God
235 Boy Mastveer Carfree and brave
236 Boy Matanga Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita
237 Boy Mathan Gift of God
238 Boy Mathavan Lord Vishnu
239 Boy Matheysh Lord Shiva
240 Boy Mathi Moon
241 Boy Mathinilavan Moon , Handsome
242 Boy Matsendra King Of The Fishes
243 Boy Matsyendra Lord Of The Fish
244 Boy Maulik Precious
245 Boy Mavee Color Blue
246 Boy Mavi Color Blue
247 Boy Mayank moon
248 Boy Mayanka The Moon
249 Boy Mayansh Related o Goddess Laxmi
250 Boy Mayavan Lord Krishna
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