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Sinh Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Sinh Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter M and T with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on sinh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Sinh Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Boy Maadhav another name of Krishna
2 Boy Maalav Keeper of horses
3 Boy Maan Mind
4 Boy Maanas Intention; spiritual
5 Boy Maanav Youth
6 Boy Maanveer Brave minded; one with brave thoughts
7 Boy Maanvik Conscious
8 Boy Maanvith Conscious
9 Boy Madan Cupid, God Of Love
10 Boy Madanapal Lord Of Love
11 Boy Madangopal Lord Krishna
12 Boy Madanmohan Attractive And Lovable
13 Boy Madav Lord Krishna
14 Boy Maderu Worthy Of Praise
15 Boy Madesh Lord Shiva
16 Boy Madeshwaran Lord Shiva
17 Boy Madhaav Lord Krishna
18 Boy Madhav Lord Krishna
19 Boy Madhav;madhab Relating to the spring; Sweet like honey; Another
20 Boy Madhava Lord Krishna
21 Boy Madhavan Lord Krishna
22 Boy Madhavdas Servant Of Lord Krishna
23 Boy Madhu honey, nectar
24 Boy Madhuban Lord Vishnu
25 Boy Madhuk A Honeybee
26 Boy Madhukant Moon
27 Boy Madhukanta The Moon
28 Boy Madhukar Honey Bee, Lover
29 Boy Madhumay Consisting Of Honey
30 Boy Madhup A Honeybee
31 Boy Madhusudan Lord Krishna
32 Boy Madhusudhana Krishna, One Who Killed Demon Madhu
33 Boy Madhwan Lord Shiva
34 Boy Madiha Praise, commendation
35 Boy Madin Delightful
36 Boy Madur A Bird
37 Boy Magadh Son Of Yadu
38 Boy Magan Engrossed
39 Boy Mahaan A great person
40 Boy Mahabahu Arjuna
41 Boy Mahabala Great Strength
42 Boy Mahabuddhi Extremely Intelligent
43 Boy Mahadev Lord Shiva
44 Boy Mahadeva Greatest God
45 Boy Mahadhyuta Most Radiant
46 Boy Mahaganapati Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
47 Boy Mahaj A Noblel Descent
48 Boy Mahakal Lord Of Siva
49 Boy Mahakala Lord Of All Times
50 Boy Mahakaya Gigantic. Lord Hanuman
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