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Sikh Boys Baby Names

Choose Sikh Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Sikh Baby Names. Our categorized list of sikh names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Sikh Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Sikh Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderSikh Baby NameMeaning
351 Boy Ratanpreet One who is in love of the Diamond (Holy Word)
352 Boy Ratinderpal Advice
353 Boy Raushan The exalted, famous person
354 Boy Ravindar The god of Sun, knowledge
355 Boy Regender Little king
356 Boy Roopindar God of Beauty
357 Boy Roopjot Beauteous Light
358 Boy Sabhajit Honoured praised celebrated
359 Boy Sachdev Truly Godly person
360 Boy Sachdhian Absorbed in the True One
361 Boy Sachgian Having the True Knowledge
362 Boy Sachkeerat Singing the praises of God
363 Boy Sachleen The one absorbed in Truth, in God
364 Boy Sachman True at heart
365 Boy Sachpreet The true love, the love of God
366 Boy Sachsev Servant of Truthy, True servant
367 Boy Sachsukh One who attains true peace
368 Boy Sachveer Bravely upholding the Truth
369 Boy Sadhu Saintly person
370 Boy Saihaj Peaceful and equipoised person
371 Boy Saihajleen One absorbed in peace and bliss
372 Boy Sajjan A dear friend, a righteous person
373 Boy Samarajit Lord Vishnu
374 Boy Samarjeet Winner of the battle
375 Boy Samarjit Lord Vishnu
376 Boy Sampuran The perfect one
377 Boy Samrath Mighty and powerful
378 Boy Sangat Associating with holy congregation
379 Boy Santokh Contented, peaceful, and patient
380 Boy Sarabdeep The lamp that gives light to all
381 Boy Sarabdev God of gods
382 Boy Sarabjeet Winning all
383 Boy Sarabjot All-prevading Light
384 Boy Sarableen One who prevades in all
385 Boy Sarandeep Protected Lamp
386 Boy Saroop Beauteous
387 Boy Sarpreet Great Love
388 Boy Sartaj Crown
389 Boy Satbachan The one abiding by the Holy Word
390 Boy Satbir The True warrior
391 Boy Satgun Of True merits
392 Boy Sathinder Partner
393 Boy Satindra Lord Shiva
394 Boy Satjeevan The one living the truthful life
395 Boy Satkeerat One who praises the True One
396 Boy Satleen The one absorbed in Truth, in God
397 Boy Satnam One accepting God's Being as True
398 Boy Satpal Protector
399 Boy Satparvan The one accepted by God
400 Boy Satpreet The lover of the Truth
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