1. Taking out parents for a dinner
Taking out parents for a dinner
Becoming grandparents is very special. For them the happiness would know no bounds. Take them out for a meal and break the news by giving them a little something. Like a gift wrapped bib that says, “I love grandma!” or a wrapped bottle in which there is a message saying “You are going to be grandparents!”
2. Solving the puzzle
Solving the puzzle
This can be perfect while announcing the pregnancy to your siblings or close friends. You can even use this to announce your good news to your husband. Call them for a game night and give them a puzzle to solve which would spell out “We are expecting!”
3. Good news calls for something sweet
Good news calls for something sweet
This can be used while announcing the news to anyone in the immediate family like your husband, your parents, siblings or close friends. Get some cookies or cupcakes baked in blue and pink color with the words “I am expecting!” or a cake with the icing that says “Blue or Pink?” It would indeed be a very pleasant surprise.
4. Say it with a photo shoot
Say it with a photo shoot
When it comes to announcing it to the world, say it with a photo shoot. Get creative with the photo shoot and hence you will be also capturing memories of this beautiful phase.
5. Make a video
Make a video
Make a video of first time you get a sonography done and see your baby, the first time you hear your baby’s heart-beat and such which you can share with your family members and thus announcing your pregnancy.
6. Say it with a Grocery list
Say it with a Grocery list
Send your husband grocery shopping. In the list that you give him, include some of the baby items which would give him the hint of upcoming happiness. It may take some time for him to get what you are trying to say, but that the wait would be definitely worth it.

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