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Muslim Girls Baby Names

Choose Muslim Girls Names from our unique and huge collection of Muslim Baby Names. Our categorized list of muslim names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby girl. Also find Muslim Baby Girls Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Muslim Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderMuslim Baby NameMeaning
751 Girl Shadan Cheerful; Prosperous; Happy
752 Girl Shadha Aromatic
753 Girl Shadiyah Singer
754 Girl Shagufta Flowering
755 Girl Shahana Royal
756 Girl Shahnaz Pride and bride of the king*
757 Girl Shahrazad Teller of "Tales of 1,001 Nights"
758 Girl Shahreen Sweet
759 Girl Shahzada Prince
760 Girl Shaina Beautiful
761 Girl Shakini Goddess Parvati
762 Girl Shakya Lord Buddha
763 Girl Shameena Handsome, good looking, nice
764 Girl Shania Beautiful
765 Girl Shanum Allahs blessing, dignity
766 Girl Shareefa Noble
767 Girl Shareen Sweet
768 Girl Sharifah-shareefa Noble
769 Girl Sharin From the fertile plain
770 Girl Sharleen Manly
771 Girl Sharmeen Shy, bashful, modest
772 Girl Shatha Aromatic
773 Girl Shaveena Variant transcription of Shavon
774 Girl Shazia Princess
775 Girl Sheeba Promise; Oath
776 Girl Shehla dark brown, almost black, (goats eye)
777 Girl Shezmin Flower
778 Girl Shifa Healing
779 Girl Shinat Beautiful lady*
780 Girl Shireen Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate
781 Girl Shuana God is gracious; gift from God
782 Girl Sianna God is gracious
783 Girl Sifat Discriptions
784 Girl Sihaam Arrows
785 Girl Siham Arrows
786 Girl Simone One who hears
787 Girl Sirat Path, Road
788 Girl Smera Smily
789 Girl Sobaika Gold
790 Girl Soha Star
791 Girl Somila Tranquil
792 Girl Somna Moonlight
793 Girl Sonam golden
794 Girl Suha Name of a star
795 Girl Suhailah-suhaylah- Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
796 Girl Suhair Proper name
797 Girl Suhayla Smooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style)
798 Girl Suhayma Small arrow
799 Girl Suhaymah Small arrow
800 Girl Suhayr-suhair Proper name
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