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Muslim Boys Baby Names

Choose Muslim Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Muslim Baby Names. Our categorized list of muslim names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Muslim Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Muslim Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderMuslim Baby NameMeaning
301 Boy Heer Diamond
302 Boy Hemil Hem means gold
303 Boy Hemin Canoe Man
304 Boy Henil Foamy
305 Boy Hilal Moon
306 Boy Hilel The new moon
307 Boy Hisham Generosity
308 Boy Hiyaan Heart
309 Boy Hmza Strong, steadfast
310 Boy Houd A Prophet's name
311 Boy Hrehaan God's chosen
312 Boy Hud-houd A Prophet's name
313 Boy Hudhayfah Old Arabic name
314 Boy Humam Courageous, generous
315 Boy Husaam Sword
316 Boy Husain-hussein Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Pro
317 Boy Husam Sword
318 Boy Husamaldin Sword of the faith
319 Boy Husayn Beautiful
320 Boy Hussain Good, The founder of Shiite Islam was named Hussei
321 Boy Hussein Beautiful
322 Boy Huthayfa Old Arabic name
323 Boy Ibaad Believer in God
324 Boy Ibhaan The god having mouth of elephant, Name of Ganesh
325 Boy Ibraheem A Prophet's name
326 Boy Ibrahim Abraham; Earth
327 Boy Ibrahim-ibraham Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham);
328 Boy Idayan
329 Boy Idhash Insight
330 Boy Idrees A Prophet's name
331 Boy Idris Fiery Lord
332 Boy Iesa A Prophet's name
333 Boy Iffham Intelligent, Wise, Aqal mand
334 Boy Ihit Prize; Honour
335 Boy Ihsaan Beneficence
336 Boy Ihsan Beneficence
337 Boy Ihtesham Magnificent
338 Boy Ikbir Courageous
339 Boy Ikjas A form of John.
340 Boy Ikram Honour respect
341 Boy Ikrimah A female pigeon
342 Boy Ikshit Desired/ done with intention
343 Boy Ilhaan Beautiful voice
344 Boy Ilisa King Of The Earth
345 Boy Illiyas The Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equiva
346 Boy Ilyas A Prophet's name
347 Boy Imaad Support; Pillar
348 Boy Imaadudeen The pillar of the Faith
349 Boy Imad Support, pillar
350 Boy Imadaldin Pillar of the faith
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