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Muslim Boys Baby Names

Choose Muslim Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Muslim Baby Names. Our categorized list of muslim names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Muslim Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Muslim Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderMuslim Baby NameMeaning
201 Boy Faizeen Honest*
202 Boy Fakhir Proud, excellent
203 Boy Fakhiri-fakhry Honorary
204 Boy Fakhruddin Pride of the faith
205 Boy Fakhry Honorary
206 Boy Fakih Legal expert; one who recites the Qu'ran
207 Boy Falaansh Fruit
208 Boy Faraan Happy
209 Boy Faran Ox-herd; good-looking servant
210 Boy Fardeen-fardin One who has triple strength; First month of the Pa
211 Boy Fareed Unique
212 Boy Farhaan Merry. Gay
213 Boy Farhad Happiness
214 Boy Farhan Glad; Joyful*
215 Boy Farid-fareed Unique
216 Boy Fariq-fareeq Lieutenant General
217 Boy Faris Horseman, knight
218 Boy Farooque-farokh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of 'Fa
219 Boy Farukh Power Of Discrimination
220 Boy Faruq-farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
221 Boy Fateen Clever; Smart
222 Boy Fatema Chaste
223 Boy Fath Victory
224 Boy Fatin-fateen Clever, smart
225 Boy Fawaz Successful
226 Boy Fawwaz Successful
227 Boy Fayaq A Form Of Faye
228 Boy Fayaz Exteremely Generous
229 Boy Fazal Excellence, Superiority, Reward, Grace
230 Boy Fazil Superior
231 Boy Feroz Name of a king; Winner; Successful
232 Boy Ferran Baker
233 Boy Fida Redemption, sacrifice
234 Boy Fidaa Redemption; Sacrifice
235 Boy Firaas Knight
236 Boy Firas Perspicacity
237 Boy Firdaus Paradise
238 Boy Fizan Popularity
239 Boy Fouad Heart
240 Boy Fravash Guardian Angel
241 Boy Fuad Heart
242 Boy Fudail Excellent in character
243 Boy Gamal-gamali Camel
244 Boy Ghaalib Victor
245 Boy Ghaazi Conqueror
246 Boy Ghalib Victor
247 Boy Ghasaan Old Arabic name
248 Boy Ghassan Old Arabic name
249 Boy Ghazi Conqueror
250 Boy Ghiyaath Succorer
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