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Muslim Boys Baby Names

Choose Muslim Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Muslim Baby Names. Our categorized list of muslim names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Muslim Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Muslim Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderMuslim Baby NameMeaning
701 Boy Rihansh God's Gift
702 Boy Rishan Good human being
703 Boy Rithil Wealth and protection
704 Boy Rithyan The Daughter of Somulu
705 Boy Rivaan Ambitious and self sufficient
706 Boy Riwan Ambitious and self sufficient
707 Boy Riyaan Flowers from heaven
708 Boy Riyad-riyadh Gardens
709 Boy Riyadh Gardens
710 Boy Riyam The eye of the deer
711 Boy Riyaz Practice*
712 Boy Riyyan Scent of Herb
713 Boy Rizin Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news
714 Boy Rizvi Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news
715 Boy Rizwan Acceptance
716 Boy Rouhan Ascending; healing, medicine
717 Boy Rozhan day, light
718 Boy Rubin Behold a son
719 Boy Ruhaan Spiritual
720 Boy Rushan Illuminated
721 Boy Rusheel charming
722 Boy Rushil charming
723 Boy Ruwan Gold
724 Boy Saeed-said Happy
725 Boy Saabir Patient
726 Boy Saad Good luck
727 Boy Saahil Deeply tranquil shore
728 Boy Saahir Wakeful
729 Boy Saajid One who worships God
730 Boy Saalih Good; Righteous
731 Boy Saaqib Sharp-witted
732 Boy Saarim Brave; Sharp minded
733 Boy Saariyah Clouds at night
734 Boy Sabari One who lives in Sabari hill
735 Boy Sabaris One who lives in Sabari hill
736 Boy Sabarish Lord of Sabari
737 Boy Sabeeh Beautiful
738 Boy Sabhya civilized
739 Boy Sabih-sabeeh Beautiful
740 Boy Sabir-sabeer Patient
741 Boy Sadaqat Charity
742 Boy Sadeeq Trustworthy
743 Boy Sadhil perfect
744 Boy Sadiq Friend*
745 Boy Saeed Happy; Rivulet
746 Boy Safiy Best friend
747 Boy Safwan Rocks
748 Boy Sahanaa Patience
749 Boy Sahar Sun; Dawn
750 Boy Sahil Leader, Ruler, Guide
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