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Muslim Boys Baby Names

Choose Muslim Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Muslim Baby Names. Our categorized list of muslim names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Muslim Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Muslim Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderMuslim Baby NameMeaning
501 Boy Masud Fortunate, happy, lucky
502 Boy Mashal Torch
503 Boy Masoud Happy; Lucky
504 Boy Maysarah Ease; Comfort
505 Boy Mazin Proper name
506 Boy Meerat Wealth, Riches
507 Boy Meezan variant of Mizan
508 Boy Meherdad Given by the sun
509 Boy Mehfuz Saved
510 Boy Mehran Old name of a river sindh, name of a king
511 Boy Mihaan Fatherland, motherland, homeland
512 Boy Mikhail Gift from God
513 Boy Misbaah Lamp
514 Boy Misbah Lamp
515 Boy Mizaan Balance, scales
516 Boy Moazzem The one respected
517 Boy Mohammed Praised; from "Muhammad", name of the Prophet (pbu
518 Boy Moosa A Prophet's name
519 Boy Moshith Ladybird beetle
520 Boy Muadh Protected
521 Boy Muawiyah Young fox (first Umayyad Kalifah)
522 Boy Muayyad Supported
523 Boy Mutasim Adhering (to faith, to God)
524 Boy Mutazz Proud, mighty
525 Boy Muaath Protected
526 Boy Muayid Supported
527 Boy Mubarak Congratulations
528 Boy Mudassir Covered
529 Boy Mufeed Useful
530 Boy Mufid-mufeed Useful
531 Boy Muhammad Praised; the name of the Prophet (pbuh)
532 Boy Muhammed Praised; the name of the Prophet (pbuh)
533 Boy Muhannad Sword
534 Boy Muhanned Sword
535 Boy Muhsin Beneficient, charitable
536 Boy Muhtadi Rightly guided
537 Boy Muhtady Rightly guided
538 Boy Mujaahid Fighter (in the way of Allah)
539 Boy Mujahid Fighter (in the way of Allah)
540 Boy Mukhtaar Chosen
541 Boy Mukhtar Chosen
542 Boy Mundhir Warner, cautioner
543 Boy Muneer Brilliant; Shining
544 Boy Munir-muneer Brilliant, shining
545 Boy Muntasir Victorious
546 Boy Munthir Warner; Cautioner
547 Boy Murtadhy Satisfied; Content
548 Boy Murtadi-murtadhy Satisfied, content
549 Boy Musad Unfettered camel
550 Boy Musa-moosa A Prophet's name (Moses)
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