Mithun Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Mithun Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter K, Chh and Gh with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on mithun rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Mithun Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
201 Boy Kartike Son of lord Shiva and leader of deva army
202 Boy Kartikey Son Of Loard Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik
203 Boy Kartikeya elder son of Lord Shiva
204 Boy Kartikeyan Son of lord Shiva and leader of deva army
205 Boy Kartvya Duty
206 Boy Karun Compassionate
207 Boy Karunaasaagar Merciful
208 Boy Karunainathan Merciful
209 Boy Karunakar Merciful
210 Boy Karunamay Full Of Light
211 Boy Karunas Compassion.
212 Boy Karunashankar Merciful
213 Boy Karunya Merciful, Compassionate
214 Boy Karuppasamy God Karuppasamy
215 Boy Karuvalan Dark-Colored Prosperous, Resourceful
216 Boy Karuveanthan
217 Boy Karv Love, Desire
218 Boy Kashif Connoisseur
219 Boy Kashinath Lord Shiva
220 Boy Kashiprasad Blessed By Lord Shiva
221 Boy Kasish Lord Shiva
222 Boy Kasyap Name of a Rishi
223 Boy Kathan Sentence
224 Boy Kathayan Distress
225 Boy Kathiran Ray of Light
226 Boy Kathiravan The Sun
227 Boy Kathirooviyan
228 Boy Kathit Narrated, One about whom much is said, Name of Vis
229 Boy Kathith Well Recited
230 Boy Katirkamattuican Lord Murugan
231 Boy Katireshan Lord Murugan
232 Boy Katyayan Name Of A Grammarian
233 Boy Kaunteya Son Of Kunti
234 Boy Kausar Lake Of Paradise
235 Boy Kaushal clever
236 Boy Kaushik an epithet of Vishwamitra
237 Boy Kaustav gem worn by Lord Vishnu
238 Boy Kaustub The jewel of the milk ocean
239 Boy Kaustubh Immortal
240 Boy Kautik Joy
241 Boy Kautilya Name For Chanakya
242 Boy Kaval Nivala,Kodiyo
243 Boy Kavalya Absolute; aloneness
244 Boy Kavan Water, Poem
245 Boy Kavay Poetry in Motion
246 Boy Kavaya Poetry in Motion
247 Boy Kaveesha Lord of Poets. Lord Ganesha
248 Boy Kavel Lotus
249 Boy Kavi poet
250 Boy Kavin Handsome; Beautiful
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