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Mesh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Mesh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter A, L and I with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on mesh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Mesh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
501 Girl Aruthraa Lord Shiva, Gentle
502 Girl Aruvi Bow
503 Girl Arvi Fresh water or Green water
504 Girl Arvika Universal
505 Girl Arvish Friend of the people
506 Girl Arvisha Friend of the people
507 Girl Arvy Friend of the people
508 Girl Aryaanil Noble one
509 Girl Aryahi Goddess Durga
510 Girl Aryana Noble
511 Girl Aryanandha Noble
512 Girl Asaesha Love
513 Girl Aseemta Limitless, infinite
514 Girl Asha Hope Or Wish
515 Girl Asha-aasa-aasha Hope; Aspiration
516 Girl Ashani Lightening
517 Girl Ashi Miracle or Surprising
518 Girl Ashika one without sorrow
519 Girl Ashita River Yamuna
520 Girl Ashivka
521 Girl Ashka
522 Girl Ashlesha a star
523 Girl Ashmi Sparkling diamond
524 Girl Ashmita Rock born or Very hard and strong
525 Girl Ashmitha Rock born or Very hard and strong
526 Girl Ashoka Dispeller of Sorrows
527 Girl Ashrita Protected by god
528 Girl Ashritha The Protected One
529 Girl Ashvidhi Holy Essence
530 Girl Ashvika Goddess Santoshi Maata
531 Girl Ashvini Strong Horse
532 Girl Ashwami Son Of Lord Sun
533 Girl Ashwika Goddess Santhoshi Maa
534 Girl Ashwini Strong Horse
535 Girl Asiya One Who Tends To The Weak And Heals
536 Girl Asmee Self-Confident
537 Girl Asmi I Am Soul
538 Girl Asmitha Pride
539 Girl Asreet
540 Girl Astha Faith
541 Girl Astrid Impulsive in Love
542 Girl Asvi
543 Girl Asvitha
544 Girl Asya He (God) has favored me; sunrise
545 Girl Atchaya
546 Girl Athaliya God is great
547 Girl Atheera Prayer or Quick or Lightening
548 Girl Atheeva Supreme
549 Girl Athena Goddess of wisdom
550 Girl Athi The First
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