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Meen Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Meen Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter D, Ch, Z and Th with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on meen rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Meen Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Girl Chaarvi Lovely; beautiful
2 Girl Chaarvy Lovely; beautiful
3 Girl Chaaya Shadow
4 Girl Chahak Laugh; to titter; to giggle
5 Girl Chahal
6 Girl Chahek Laugh; to titter; to giggle
7 Girl Chahna Love
8 Girl Chaitali Born in the Chaitra month
9 Girl Chaitaniya Cognizance
10 Girl Chaithra Aries Sign
11 Girl Chaitrali Spring' or 'Aries Sign'
12 Girl Chaitri The first month of Hindu Calendar
13 Girl Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi
14 Girl Chanchal Active
15 Girl Chandani Star
16 Girl Chandika Goddess Durga
17 Girl Chandini Star
18 Girl Chandra;chandira Moon
19 Girl Chandrabali Moonlit
20 Girl Chandrarupa Moon-Faced
21 Girl Chandrasahodari Sister of the Moon
22 Girl Chandravadana Having Moon like Face
23 Girl Chandrika moonlight
24 Girl Chann Beauteous, beloved
25 Girl Channan Full of fragrance like sandalwood
26 Girl Charanjeet Winning the service of Guru's Lotus Feet
27 Girl Charanjot Light of Guru's Lotus Feet
28 Girl Charanpreet One who loves the Lord's Lotus Feet
29 Girl Charisma blessing
30 Girl Charita pleasant character
31 Girl Charitrya History
32 Girl Charmi Beautiful
33 Girl Charmme Charming
34 Girl Charmy Charming
35 Girl Charu beautiful, attractive
36 Girl Charulata beautiful creeper
37 Girl Charulekha beautiful picture
38 Girl Charvee Lovely; beautiful
39 Girl Chaturbhuja One having four arms
40 Girl Chavi Life
41 Girl Chaya Life
42 Girl Cheery Lamb of God
43 Girl Cheri Dear one;darling
44 Girl Cheshta To Try
45 Girl Chesmitha
46 Girl Chesta Worthy of praise
47 Girl Chetana Consciousness
48 Girl Chetna Power of intellect; Alert
49 Girl Chhanak Tinkling, Ringing
50 Girl Chia Surrounded by light
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