1. Plan a SUPER DATE
Traditionally, its the men who plan dates. Why not turn the tables around a little? Plan an evening filled of mini-dates and give your husband a SUPER DATE. Dress up real nice and adorn that gorgeous dress. Get him something nice to wear too and have an evening doing things you both would enjoy doing together.
2. Send some love messages
Send some love messages
We all send funny and sentimental forwards to our friends. How often do you send romantic notes to your partner? Even the smallest of gestures and words send electronically or on a post-it by the bed will show your love towards him and ignite the spark back in your relationship.
3. Cook Food together
Cook Food together
Turn the experience of this mundane chore into a fun experience. Cook a Sunday breakfast together and enjoy the experience.
4. Shower with Hugs & Kisses
Shower with Hugs & Kisses
Intimacy is very important in a relation as it connects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Shower your partner with some hugs and kisses, there is no need to find any reason to do so.
5. Spend some quality time with each other
Spend some quality time with each other
For once, ditch your family and spend some alone time with your partner. Do the little things that sometimes you might shy away thinking about what “others will think”. Take walks down your street holding hands, ditch work and go for some golgappas!
6. Watch each others favorite movies
Watch each others favorite movies
This is one ideal way of refreshing your mind and relation. Bring home the DVD of your partner's favorite movie and watch along.
7. Gift, Compliment, Thank and Love More Often
Gift, Compliment, Thank and Love More Often
In the initial phase of a relationship when everything is rosy and beautiful and no body takes any one for granted, things are surely easy. Then real life hits hard in the face and we loose sight of the simple things we did. Give gifts without occasions, compliment without reason, thank without obligations and love without expectations.
Love is a feeling that grows only when nurtured in the right manner. Share if you agree.