1. Red Lipstick always works
Red Lipstick always works
When in doubt, use a red lipstick. Red lipstick can never ever go wrong plus it will look good with anything and everything. A blunt red shade would suit everyone, whether you are fair or dusky skin. Bold look that a red lipstick gives goes with every look i.e. casual look, the party looks or formal look.
2. Curl your eyelashes
Curl your eyelashes
For eye-catching eyelashes that would make your eye makeup look even more attractive, use your hair dryer to warm the eye curler and then gently curl them. The hair dryer would warm up the eye curler which would give a great impact to your eyelashes and make them look very curly.
3. Use the right concealer
Use the right concealer
This is very important, especially if you are slightly on the dusky side or have pimples, dark circles or dark spots. Buy the concealer that would suit your skin color. Using the wrong concealer can make you look worse. However, for highlighting cheekbones, a concealer will work great. All you need to do is to use a slightly darker shade of concealer, dab it and blend it well so that no harsh lines are seen.
4. Use bronzer under the collarbones
Use bronzer under the collarbones
Deepika’s sculpted collarbones are absolutely enviable. If you were to wear a top that would show-off your collarbones, you too can highlight them and thus look even more attractive. This can be done by applying slight bronzer under your collarbones. This would make them look very sharp and hence eye-catching.
5. Face primer for glowing skin
Face primer for glowing skin
The ever-glowing and flawless skin of Bollywood actresses is always enviable. However, even you can get such skin by using face primer. Water proof face primer when applied on the skin can help you get the glowing and flawless skin. Also, applying moisturizer after washing your make-up ensures that your skin is not damaged.
6. Using eyeshadow as liner
Using eyeshadow as liner
Smoky eyes are very much attractive. Whatever your skin-tone is, smoky eyes would make you look stunning. Hence, for smoky eyes like Kareena often wears, blend harsh black eyeliner and deep brown eyeshadow. Be careful while blending them, they should not leave harsh lines. Apply the eyeshadow in a way like you would apply a liner. Applying slight black kohl over it would finish off the look.