1. Your Presence and Focus
Your Presence and Focus
Your presence means a lot to her, she wants your complete focus whenever you are together. So, don't ever try and manage your work and ladylove together.
2. Little words of compliment
Little words of compliment
Everyone loves compliment and women are no exception. Appreciating her daily efforts and task managing skills can surely earn you some brownie points
3. Your Attention
Your Attention
If she gets a new hairdo, she wants you to notice that; she desires you to notice her new dress and compliment her choice and looks. Fix your attention on her so that you don't miss on noticing any new change in her.
4. Express Your Love
Express Your Love
Don't limit your expression of love to some special occasions. Make her feel loved and valued each day with some unseasoned hugs, kisses and love notes.
5. The Surprise Dates
The Surprise Dates
Getting married doesn't mean, dating is beyond your area of discretion. She may not say it often, but she would surely love it if you can arrange some surprise dates for her.
6. Be Honest
Be Honest
She may have her set of secrets but she is always honest with you, and also wants you to be the same. Be transparent with your actions and words, it's one big secret of keeping her happy.
7. Be Thankful
Be Thankful
There's no rule that prevents you from thanking your wife. When she is doing so much of you, a little thank-you is only going to fill her with joy and happiness.
8. Show her the Trust
Show her the Trust
She trusts you with all her heart and expects the same from you as well. Pay heed to her suggestions and show trust in her intellect.
9. Admit Your Flaws
Admit Your Flaws
Human beings are prone to errors, and being a man doesn't make you flawless. Be courageous enough to accept your flaws. This leaves no room for any kind of misunderstanding.
10. Share the Responsibilities
Share the Responsibilities
Her love may not decrease if you don't lend her a helping hand in kitchen or with managing kids but if you do share the little responsibilities, she is sure to admire and love this gesture!

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