1. A Visit to their Favorite Place
A Visit to their Favorite Place
Once in a week, why not take some off from work and head to your kid's favorite destination. It can be a park, a nearby restaurant, a play house; anything that your kid loves visiting often. Take them to their favorite place and cherish the joyous moment with your child.
2. A Surprise Lunch
A Surprise Lunch
Eating healthy is very important for your child, but once in a while there is no harm in breaking the rules and surprising your little one with some scrumptious food item that he loves to the core.
3. Little Words of Love
Little Words of Love
Now this is yet another way of expressing your love and telling them how lovely kids they are. Leave them some cute notes saying 'I Love You' or 'You are the best daughter/son', place them under their pillow, in the lunch box or near their study table; they are sure to feel happy.
4. Click Funny Pics
Click Funny Pics
You don't have to be the 'Perfectionist' all the time. For a change, be a kid like your child and show some madness and fun by clicking some funny pics.
5. Fun with Cooking
Fun with Cooking
Who says kids can't be great cooks? Well, if not great, they can surely be your helping hand. Make some light dishes like sandwiches with your kid and enjoy the fun while cooking together.
6. Watch a Cartoon Show Together
Watch a Cartoon Show Together
Kids and cartoon shows are inseparable, so why not enjoy a cartoon show with them munching on some delicious home made snacks. Your company will surely make them feel happy.
7. Turn off the Phone for Them
Turn off the Phone for Them
Your phone can always wait, but the moment you miss with your kids can never be re-lived. So turn the phone for a while, and indulge in some fun games with your kid.
8. Read out Stories
Read out Stories
From the Little Red Riding Hood, to Cinderella's fairy world, from Aladdin's adventure to the moral tales, spare time to read out stories to your kids. It's a great way to bond with them.
9. Watch a Kid's Movie Together
Watch a Kid's Movie Together
Plan a movie date at home. Bring in some of the best kid's movies and enjoy the fun together. If you want, you can even call some of his close buddies. It will be great fun!
10. Ignore the Mess & Join in the Fun
Ignore the Mess & Join in the Fun
Kids are full of energy and they can never have a dull moment if you set them free to enjoy their-selves. Just ignore the mess in the house and let them enjoy to their heart-out. Be it painting, drawing, playing inside the house; just join them in the Fun Ride!
So Parents, spread the love and share it with others!