1. Aqueduck Faucet Extender
Aqueduck Faucet Extender
This faucet extender is very helpful especially if you have kids in the house. Attach it to the faucet and make your kids happy.
2. Water Flow Deflector
Water Flow Deflector
Now you can have your own mini waterfall in your bathroom with this trendy looking gadget.
3. Mirror clearer
Mirror clearer
This happens to everyone! And don't you hate it when you clean it with your hand and towel and it still looks grainy. Attach the suction cup anywhere on the mirror and just swipe to get a clear and cleaner mirror.
4. Toothpaste Roller
Toothpaste Roller
You must have used a rolling pin (belan) to remove that left over paste from your toothbrush or had to squeeze it too hard. Attach the toothpaste roller at the end of your toothpaste and say goodbye to the squeezing.
5. Toothpaste Dispenser
Toothpaste Dispenser
Children are not so much enthusiastic about brushing their teeth. With this dispenser on your toothpaste they might actually start enjoying it!
6. The "I am drowning" Help Me Sink Plug
The "I am drowning" Help Me Sink Plug
A very cool and funny drain stopper.
7. Thermometer Spout Cover
Thermometer Spout Cover
If you have a new born then it is essential that its bath water be of the right temperature.
8. Baby Shampoo Cap
Baby Shampoo Cap
Protect your babies delicate eyes with this soft and adjustable shower cap.
9. Tablet Shower Curtain
Tablet Shower Curtain
Now turn your ordinary shower curtain into a musical one!
10. Single-handed Soap Dispenser
Single-handed Soap Dispenser
Very simple and very useful way of cleaning your hands.