1. Painting
Painting is very relaxing and an enjoyable activity to do with your kids. Take a big sheet of paper and some poster colors. Let out the Picasso in you! Use different objects as stamps like okras (bhindi), oranges, etc. Get dirty and use your thumb and hands to make prints on the sheet. Your kids will love to do this!
2. Cook food together
Cook food together
Pick any quick and easy recipes available online. Enjoy the process of cooking with your kids. And then the delicacy too.
3. Play games
Play games
Spend your weekends playing video games with your kids. You can also play physical games like blind man's fold, fire in the mountain, etc. You can engage in playing Carrom or Dumb charades too.
4. Make popcorn and watch a movie :
Make popcorn and watch a movie :
No waiting in the line for the popcorn, no quarrels over show timings, get a fun and hassle free movie experience at your home itself. Watch an animated movie with your kid and have fun.
5. Have a potluck dinner party :
Have a potluck dinner party :
This is a fun way to have a get to gather with your friends without too much hassle. Ask your friends to get a dish from their home and then share it with each other. Having a good meal with friends is a great way to spend your evenings.
6. Play Board games
Play Board games
Playing scrabble is a fun activity to do with your kids. Enjoy playing games like monopoly, Picnic and Life with your family. Board games are very interactive and something we do not get to play that often.
7. Read a Book together
Read a Book together
If you like reading and want to instill this habit to your kid, now would be a perfect time. Read a book with your kid and discuss it afterward. What was their favorite part in the book? What character they liked?
8. Arrange a treasure Hunt
Arrange a treasure Hunt
Organize a treasure hunt for you and your family. It is more enjoyable if it is played with more people. Quests are always engaging and fun things to do.
9. Have a Karaoke night
Have a Karaoke night
There is something about singing together that is incredibility fun! Enjoy singing your favourite tunes with your loved ones. If you do not have a Karaoke set up at home, there are plenty other resources available online.
10. Crafts activities
Crafts activities
The internet is filled with fun DIY's (Do It Yourself) crafts activities. Just pick one and spend your Sunday afternoon making something beautiful with your kids.

Avoid spending your weekends lazying around in front of the television. Take pleasure in doing the small things with your family. Have a great weekend!