1. Better immunity
Better immunity
Research shows that kids who grow up amongst pets have a better immunity compared to kids who don’t. Of course, immunity is not dependent on only one factor. But an infant’s body is adapting to the external environmental factors when he or she is born. And, research suggests, if the pet fur and dander is a part of their lives then, they have a lesser chance of asthma in future.
2. Greater sense of responsibility at a young age
Greater sense of responsibility at a young age
These days most of the couples choose to have only one kid due to personal or financial reasons. Having a pet makes the child responsible at a very young age. I do not mean to suggest that a pet can replace a sibling. But the virtues of sharing and caring that come at a young age, when you are in a big family, are missing in today’s world. When a 2 year old knows that a dog needs to be fed and walked before we leave or learns to check the food and water bowls at regular intervals, qualities like caring for someone beyond themselves and being responsible for others starts becoming a part of their personality.
3. The morning walks
The morning walks
Morning walks are good for health and also lead to a positive start to the day. My son and I walk our dog together, most of the mornings, at least. It has made him a morning person. He sleeps at 9 and is up by 6. I know that things will probably change once he hits his teens but right now I would like to believe that the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ part will make him healthy, wealthy and wise.
4. Bonding without the need for words
Bonding without the need for words
Like the say if you love books, you will never feel lonely. Similarly having a pet, at a very early age, teaches you the value of companionship without the need for words. I have never felt lonely since I had a dog and it is always a pleasure to come back home to someone who is so happy to see you, no matter how your day has been.
5. Compassion
This is an emotion missing in the world we live today. We are so self-obsessed over achieving the goals and targets we have set for ourselves, running the rat race, and always targeting to win; as if every day we wake up there is a battle to win, a point to prove. In this whole race, we forget the importance of being compassionate to people who come our way. A kind word can change someone’s life and make our day. And it hardly takes a minute. Pets teach you how to always be kind and selfless. No matter what. BUT having said this, I also believe that some babies are genetically prone to severe allergies and cannot remain healthy around pets. Although the percentage population falling in this criteria is very small, but if you are one of them, please remember that you have to do what is needed and I hope you find your pet a good home instead of being one of the thousands of people who abandon their pets.

At the end of the day, we all are responsible for the lives of whom we love. Our kids and our pets.




This article is contributed by our guest writer - Paulomi Shah