1. Showing affection
Showing affection
I am not a big fan of public display of affection (PDA). I get very embarrassed if I am expected to hold hands or hug in public. But I also believe, that within your home, your kids should see you expressing love openly in a manner they understand. I have seen couples on both extremes. One who look like two strangers, (or worse) siblings when they are in public and the other who absolutely can’t keep their eyes and hands off each other in public. As everything, this too has to be balanced. Kids should know that their parents love each other and have a relationship independent of just parenting them. They should grow up comfortable being able to express love.
2. Arguing and making up
Arguing and making up
Couples these days are not as tolerant and adjusting as the previous generation. When I was growing up, the man of the house made decisions and woman of the house ran the household. These days everyone wants and needs to have a say in every aspect of life. This results in a lot of disagreements and arguments and it is difficult to always keep a straight face in front of the kids. Arguing in front of the kids and then making up in front of them will teach them an important lesson about relationships. It will make them understand the reality of any relationship and that it is normal to disagree, fight and if the person is important enough, to make attempts to fix things.
3. Cook together, eat together
Cook together, eat together
Let your son and daughter grow up realizing that housework is a joint responsibility. Even if one parent chooses to be at home and take care of the kids. Let your son be an enthusiastic cook and learn the benefits of keeping the house clean. Let your daughter never feel any guilt if she wants to take some time out for her own self, pursuing her own passions and interests. Sharing housework without actually dividing chores teaches responsibility. Something that will enrich them in every aspect of their life.
4. Compromise
Compromise in front of your kids. It could be as simple as when one parent wants to eat Italian and other would like to go for Chinese. Teach them the value of compromise. Willing compromise. The kind which you don’t hold on to for long but just take it as a part of life. When you do things for people you love even when you don’t want to, you get a lot of love and respect in return. Let them see that.
5. Discuss money and savings
Discuss money and savings
It does not need to be hardcore finances. Simple things as how eating out is expensive or how we spent more on medical this month so need to cut down on something else. Kids should grow up knowing that money is a scarce resource. And the amount of materialism that has taken over the world, it is easy to focus on wants and believe them to be your basic needs. Discuss savings and the need to save.
6. Talk about your mistakes
Talk about your mistakes
Seeing such young kids feeling depressed and taking their lives, I strongly believe that kids should know that their parents have made some serious mistakes too in life and there were times they believed that they will not make it through. But like everything, tough times pass. Knowing you were not perfect and learnt from your mistakes, will make them understand that this is normal and a way of life.

Kids who grow up in a nurturing home environment, will grow up to be responsible parents and in turn do the same for their own kids. The greatest legacy we can leave our children is HAPPY MEMORIES.


This article is contributed by our guest writer - Paulomi Shah


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