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Amniotic fluid is the fluid that supports fetus during pregnancy. It is produced after 15 days of conception and helps in movement of the baby inside the womb. In first few weeks mother produces the essential fluid in the form of water. During first trimester amniotic fluid contains some essential components also like fats, carbohydrates and proteins. A baby drinks this essential fluid around for 12 weeks of pregnancy. During increasing pregnancy amniotic fluid level also increases but it starts decreasing slightly during delievery.

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How does low amniotic fluid affect pregnancy
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Question low amniotic fluid...
i am 36 week ofpregnancy .as per sonography report my AFI level is mild oligohydromnios.pls suggest what to eat to increase amnio fluid this affect baby and my baby is in breech presentation.plls suggest what to do?...

-sarika karpe
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12/19/2014 6:37:47 PM(UTC)
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Question amniotic fluid...
Was there any symptoms to know whether the amniotic fluid level is getting low? ...

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12/2/2014 2:49:49 PM(UTC)
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Question low amniotic fluid in 8 th month pregnancy...
my wife is 8th month pregnant and doctor tell him to go for ultrasound. ultrasound report is water level is 9/ tell him for bed rest. is amniotic fluid level 9 is good or not I am worried . please suggest....

-mukesh kumar
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10/16/2014 4:49:52 AM(UTC)
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Question low amniotic fluids...
Hi, I'm 24weeks pregnant going on 25weeks nw. My water broke at 23weeks and I was hospitalised for a week, given steriods and anti biotics. Various tests were done on my urine and blood. Gladly the was no infection. My gynae says the is still some fluids surrounding the baby. Was then discharged. Now I'm at home but at night I leak at times, though its not much at all. Just a lil, baby still kicks more each and everyday, what can I do as I'm home to help me and the baby?...

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10/16/2014 4:48:49 AM(UTC)
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Question Amniocentesis test for Down Syndrome or Trisomy 13 & 18....
Dear Sir/Madam, My sisters baby (F) 2yrs old found with Down syndrome. Sister age is 20 yrs. She is now pregnant since 19 weeks. She is afraid of same problem if repeats for her future Baby. So Requested to please Help us where these tests carried out, What is the Procedure, Cost and at which stage of pregnancy? Regards, Your Help PLZZZ!!...

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10/15/2014 10:20:24 PM(UTC)
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Question decreased liquor column at 19th weeks of pregnant...
i'm 19th week pregnant at now.when i go with US my doctor told liquor is seen to be decreased with single liquor column of 2cm and fetus is in transverse lie.wt can i do now for cure it?will it affect my pregnant?it's my first child i'm so scared of this.pls help me....

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10/15/2014 12:05:29 PM(UTC)
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Question fluid leak...
when i was in 6 months completion of pregnancy, suddenly one day i loss the fluid then the doctors says cesarian is must. then the doctor do the cesaian and my baby was live in 1/2 honour, after she was died. then i want to know the reason of the fluid leak, and what are the reasons of compulsary delivery after fluid leak....

-vasantha lakshmi
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10/15/2014 4:34:13 AM(UTC)
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Question Amniotic fluid is nill...
i am 26 year old women i am pregnant since 6 april 2014 but my amniotic fluid is nill so plz give me some advice and treatment for my healthy delivery ...

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10/2/2014 7:54:41 PM(UTC)
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Question 8th Month pregnancy and the amniotic level...
Hi, My brother's wife is in 8th month of her pregnancy, doctar says that aminiotic level is 6%, she was give saline for two days, and doctor said that on third day (tomorrow) she will do a scanning and if she thinks the fluid level has not increased then she will do c-section. Her expected date of delivery as per scanning report is Sep 22, now doctor said its Sep 7th and said delivery on Aug 22 will not be a problem. Aslo in a previosu scanning, the baby weight showed 2.7 Kgs, and in yesterdays scanning it showed 2 Kgs. Not able to decide whats happening, and the mother is taking strees and losing health. Please advise. Thanks Vishal....

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8/21/2014 11:52:36 PM(UTC)
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Question spontaneous tepture of membrence....
It was my first pregnancy in 2009.a servical stich was given t...

-anu sharma
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8/17/2014 11:55:50 AM(UTC)
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