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Pregnancy period is a great experience for the woman when she becomes pregnant for the first time. She becomes eager to know about her baby’s growth. Previously it was not possible for women to know about development of their baby. They just know by experienced of elder lady in their home or family. Nowadays, it is possible to know week by week development of your baby on the internet and there are many books are also available. You can learn it according to your convenience. As an enthusiastic mother, you should familiar with your baby’s weekly growth. It helps and guides you that at every stage of development what you need to eat or follow for healthy growth of your baby. Pregnancy is nothing, but nine months miracle of god. You should always prey god for health of your baby and yourself. Give birth to healthy baby without any defect is indeed god’s gift to parents. After giving birth to baby, mother also feel like her new born. Mother should go safely and take good precaution during her nine months journey with baby in her womb.

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#1 Posted : Monday, April 28, 2014 11:30:24 AM(UTC)

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missed period ,repeated need to urinate, weakness, cannot sleep well, feel like fever, breast softness these all synmtoms i have but i dont no what i do? can you suggest me
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