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There are a lot of definitions for the word ‘healthy eating’, no doubt, but there is usually something missing in most definitions. The apt way to explain what healthy eating entails is to start from the very beginning.

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Valentina Ivon Offline
#1 Posted : Tuesday, April 15, 2014 9:40:00 PM(UTC)

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we are very concerned for our college going daughter 19 yrs. who we have noticed is skipping her breakfast somehow in hurry to rush to college and on holidays, delaying the morning ritual to reach the breakfast time by 12 noon. Then she would not eat any lunch also and then at night only she takes only 2 chapatis (for several years). She is weak in body also and not grown in height also due to the fact that food is some kind of allergy to her, she does not cheerfully eat. Please help us to make her eat
Vidhi Parikh Offline
#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 16, 2014 3:32:22 PM(UTC)

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If your child is not having healthy food since birth this is high time to improve eating habits.

You must explain the need of healthy and balanced diet to your daughter. If she is having some specific test, you can offer healthy food in that test but having nutritional diet is very important.

If your daughter is weak at this age you can not even imagine health problems she can have after crossing the age of 30.

Your daughter is not at immature age where she can not understand the need of healthy diet.

If she do not eat anything for whole day how does she sustain?

Ask her if she eat food from canteen or other place with friends.

If she has developed any test then you need to offer her healthy food in her test.

You can offer different dishes with lots of healthy ingredients.

If she is ready to eat homemade food in the evening then offer her dish with most of all minerals and vitamins.

You can offer her food with lots of vegetables and fruits.

If she is having her dinner properly, then no need to worry as she is having nutritional food at-least once in a day.

You can also offer different fruit dish every day to her.

Fruits and vegetables will fulfill her need of minerals and vitamins.

It will also boost the immunity and gradually she will feel good health and her apatite will also improve.

But make sure she starts having her dinner at-least with family and home made healthy food.

Valentina Ivon Offline
#3 Posted : Wednesday, April 16, 2014 9:45:45 PM(UTC)

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thank you Vidhi for your suggestion, we will try but we keep advising her to have as much food as possible but at least three meals a day, but she does not listen and seems not to be cherishing her food while eating (though it is different when we eat outside in restaurant etc. there she eats)but not at home, she tries to avoid eating whenever there is food or snacks around. Also at dinner, she eats two chapatis (and recently has stopped eating rice also, only once in a week or so)and this dinner also she takes an hour to finish, taking tiny bites and munching very slowly. Some wisdom about health & food has to enter into her head & heart since she is 19 yr and if she eats well we are sure she can grow more healthy and add inches also.
Vidhi Parikh Offline
#4 Posted : Thursday, April 17, 2014 5:07:01 PM(UTC)

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As you mentioned your daughter is having normal diet when you go to restaurants for meal, it means she is not having low apatite, she has developed specific test for food, which is not good at this age when she achieved some level of maturity.

If she is not understanding by herself, you need to spend some quality time with your daughter.

Give her live examples for good diet.

Explain her for the importance of hygienic and healthy food.

Involve her in cooking activities, let her develop mood for food.

Try new recipes with her, let her develop her interest in food.

You can try yummy and garnished food in healthy way.

If she likes the garnished dishes you can make healthy salads for her like:

Take 3 cheese cubes
Ripe mango


Cut the fruits in small square shape
Cut cheese cubes in four parts
Take toothpick
pick pineapple peace
Pick Apple peace
Pick cheese cube and
Pick cherry at the top

Serve it in nicely garnished plate.

If your this experiment will work, you can feed any food to your child.

You can find more ideas on healthy diet for Indian kids from:

You can find more options on Healthy breakfast for vegetarian teens from:


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