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Shyness is a mental condition that almost all the children may experience in one time or other. However, there are some children who experience shyness to an alarming degree. The shy children usually are more keen to observe their playmates rather than participating or joining others. They prefer to keep silent, especially when they are in an unfamiliar environment. They refuse to talk to others. If your preschooler is shy about mixing with other children of your age group, you should take care to counsel him so that he can get over this habitual inhibition. You should be careful much before you plan to admit in a school, because, a shy child will be reluctant to enter a new surrounding like a classroom, unless he is escorted by a parent. In the school, shy children may face many difficulties as they will be reluctant to join group activities like dancing, singing or playing. The presence of any unfamiliar individual will make them withdraw in to themselves or they may just stare at the ground.

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Harini Patrikar Offline
#1 Posted : Tuesday, December 17, 2013 8:33:38 PM(UTC)

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In many cases, my daughter would just cry badly looking at some people. She is mostly fine with all women and only with men she reacts in a negative manner.
It is quite embarassing to have someone at your place and my daughter starts off crying and wailing looking at that person.While we go out in groups too, she keeps crying looking at those guys and sticks to me all the time.
rida Offline
#2 Posted : Wednesday, December 18, 2013 6:17:17 PM(UTC)

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What is the age of your daughter?

If your baby is not comfortable to deal with unknown male do not force her to do so.

If she started speaking, talk to her and ask what problem she is facing, it may not be just shyness.

Try to spend some time with your child and share what she thinks and what she is going through when she face unknown people, if she is comfortable with unknown women then there can be some other problem which as parent you must find out as soon as possible.

If your baby is uncomfortable with every unknown person then it can be due to shyness.

In case of shyness just try to spend some quality time with your child and boost her confidence level to meet new people and face them confidently.

You can find ways to help your daughter to overcome shyness from:

Harini Patrikar Offline
#3 Posted : Thursday, December 19, 2013 8:44:55 PM(UTC)

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She just turned 3.

It is not specific to any person. She gives the same reaction for any men. This began when she had just started recognizing faces before she was even a year old.

She will not go to any male/guy. Many a time, she would just keep crying looking at a new person at our place or when we go to some one else's place.
We tried lot of ways to overcome. My husband and I would strike a rapport with the person and get her comfortable so that she will start talking to them or go to them. But, it used to work on case to case basis. Sometimes she will not move away from me and stare at that person and his movements cautiously.

Recently, she started crying when one of my husband's friend came to our place. After he spoke to her nicely and offered her gifts she started talking to him and moved on. She is very much capable of articulating things. So, when i ask she tells me that she doesnt like them and they are bad.

Mostly i have observed that irrespective of any particular look or with/without beard she just gets nervous of strangers and only Men. With women, she is very talkative and non stop chatting.

I am not sure how to get rid of this. We are staying abroad and its not a crowded and social environment like in India. I always doubt if that could be the reason. we had recently been to India and there as well, she cried looking at one of my husband's cousin and stayed away from him.

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