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Once your child becomes a toddler, you may discover how difficult it is to get him to eat nutritious foods. Eating habits of toddlers can be very tricky and burdensome. Toddlers surely have the choice whether to eat the food that you offer them or just toss it away. The power is all in their hands. How stressful this process can be! Your toddler may choose to eat tasty junk food which is definitely not good for his/her health. Are there any ways to change this? You need not to fret. There are some effective ways which will help you change your toddler's eating habits.

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Velocit Offline
#1 Posted : Friday, July 19, 2013 4:00:25 PM(UTC)

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Hi, my daughter is now 2 yrs old. she drink milk through bottle. i tried a lot to give her milk through glass. but she never take it in her mouth. where as she drink water through glass, but not milk. what can i do , that she leave taking milk from bottle.

secondly my daughter is very angry by nature. she throws things in anger and and never listens to me. what can i do?
Ronald Offline
#2 Posted : Monday, December 23, 2013 3:30:42 PM(UTC)

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she needs space to deal with all of this. How did you ladies deal with the new sgline working mom situation? Reply Sassy Single Mom April 8, 2011 at 10:01 am 3am Broken Heart, I’m sorry for your heartache. I can hear your care and concern for your girlfriend, and I wanted to offer you my perspective. As I’m sure you know, the dissolve of a marriage with children can be an incredible loss and time of crisis. Add to that a very demanding job – which is now her sole source of financial support for her and her three children, depending on whether or not her ex is paying child support. Add to that that her three children are still VERY young and processing their own grief and loss. So, she is juggling her emotions and theirs during this time. I think she has a lot to sort through and heal from, WHILE she’s still trying to keep all the ball’s in the air. I think you mentioned that the exhusband had just moved out … so that is yet another transition. It doesn’t necessarily mean she wants him back or wants the marriage, but it may be yet another marker of her marriage ending, which could trigger her grief. She may be pushing you away because she wants and needs some emotional space to sort through everything and not have to *worry* about juggling your needs in with the rest of the mix. I hear your concern and it seems you want to support her through this difficult time. My advice would be to respectfully give her the space for which she seems to be asking. Communicate your love and support for her and that when she is ready, you would love to know how you can help her ease her load … be kind, respect her boundaries and let her know you aren’t rushing anything. Hope this has been helpful! I wish you the best! =)THE ABOVE WAS ON THE PREVIOUS BLOGI have given her the space she asked for, gracefully I might add. Originally I panicked which only made it worse. I realized that I wasn't being helpful at all. The pain I feel is real, and I can't shake it. I want to tell her how much it hurts, but again, that only makes it worse, so I am backing off quietly licking my wounds. Since I can't help her right now, perhaps there are others in her situation, that we can help by providing insight and support through your blog. The paradox here is that the one adult that she is truly in love with gets pushed aside with all the other folks who are sucking the life out of her. That is hard to swallow. My therapist tells me to move on with life, but I still hold onto the romantic notion that love will defeat all obstacles in our way.So the answer is to let her have the space, and while I am on the sidelines nurse a broken heart?
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