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Once your child becomes a toddler, you may discover how difficult it is to get him to eat nutritious foods. Eating habits of toddlers can be very tricky and burdensome. Toddlers surely have the choice whether to eat the food that you offer them or just toss it away. The power is all in their hands. How stressful this process can be! Your toddler may choose to eat tasty junk food which is definitely not good for his/her health. Are there any ways to change this? You need not to fret. There are some effective ways which will help you change your toddler's eating habits.

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#1 Posted : Monday, May 13, 2013 3:02:49 PM(UTC)

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which is healthier for kids chappati or cooked rice or dosa
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#2 Posted : Friday, August 16, 2013 2:42:23 PM(UTC)

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Both these food Chapati and Rice are good for health.

If you choose any 1 in the dish at 1 time then chapati more healthy then rice.

A 1/3-cup of Rice includes:

80 calories,
1 gram protein,
0.1 gram fat,
18 grams carbohydrate
15% of daily need of water-soluble vitamin B

A 6-inch chapati includes:

71 calories,
3 grams protein,
0.4 gram fat,
15 grams carbohydrates,
2 grams fiber
4% of daily need of water-soluble vitamin B

Chapati is low in calories and provides more protein and fiber, both of which help keep you feeling full for longer.

If you use brown rice then it is more healthy then white rice as it includes more fiber, so go for brown rice if possible.

You can find more information on Healthy eating for kids in India from:
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