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Learned helplessness: Are you doing too much for your kids?It is one of those usual days again- you force your child to tumble out of his bed, thrust the toothbrush into his mouth, and keep everything in place so that he can do a huge favor to you, by dressing up. You then tie up his shoelaces and alas, spoon-feed his breakfast too. It is the same routine everyday with you wondering when your child would become more responsible and you screaming your lungs out, over him.

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Muskan Posted: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 4:31:07 PM(UTC)

Mostly kids will learn reading by the second class.

But, you should always remember that kids will not develop any skill without the help of parents, teachers or their own experience.

All kids are different and will develop their learning habit.

Reading skills are divided in different stages like:

Identifying latter
To read them to-gather as word and
Decode it with meaning.

Kid will go through all the stages but, how to make this process easy and comfortable is in parent's and teacher's hands.

Baby will start identifying sounds and words when she is part of play group.
Baby will be able to identify written words when spoken to-gather by class 1.
Baby will be able to decode the written words on paper by class 2.

If you baby is fine with first 2 steps then you can help her in reading easily.

All you need to do is:

Spend quality time with your child

Buy her new books no matter of what(stories, rhymes, religious etc)with pictures.

Let your baby identify words with pictures and decode it.

Do not make study time trauma time for child.

Appreciate once your baby dose something right.

Do not criticize your baby in public it will destroy confidence of your baby.

Never compare your child with others.

Create her interest in reading.

Set a bed time routine with story telling first by your baby from book and lights off with hug and kiss accompanied with story or rhyme from you.

You can also set a fun activity with your child for reading and reward her for small matters also may be just with her favorite dish in dinner. It will boost her confidence and she will develop more interest in reading.

You can find more information on How to make reading fun for children from:

Remember your baby will not learn reading just another day you buy her books, PARENTING is not just buying things, it will help when you set good routine and spend good quality time with your child to utilize best what you buy for her.

You can find more information on How to develop the reading habit in children from:
Nupur Parashar Posted: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 2:39:07 PM(UTC)
My daughter is in 2class she doesn't know how to read