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Once your child becomes a toddler, you may discover how difficult it is to get him to eat nutritious foods. Eating habits of toddlers can be very tricky and burdensome. Toddlers surely have the choice whether to eat the food that you offer them or just toss it away. The power is all in their hands. How stressful this process can be! Your toddler may choose to eat tasty junk food which is definitely not good for his/her health. Are there any ways to change this? You need not to fret. There are some effective ways which will help you change your toddler's eating habits.

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Vidhi Parikh Posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 6:23:08 PM(UTC)

Baby will not understand the eating and chewing process by herself.

You need to teach baby to eat food from the first day you offer solid or semi solid food.

First you should keep offering new solid food to your baby, baby may not eat it and may even create mass but, that is OK that is the way to introduce food to baby.

Once your baby starts having food offer her food that is cut in small pieces, you can start with some soft food like banana instead of crunchy bites.

Once baby will start having soft food they will start feeling the test and will develop their own test for food.

Now, you can introduce solid food to your baby and she will start eating food in right way.

In each step of teaching your child How to Eat, keep instructing her to chew food, you can also show your child how to chew food and enjoy different tests.

Now, your child is 2.8 so, you can start with last step to teach chewing.

Offer solid food cut in small parts but, keep teaching to chew food.

Swallowing food can cause many health issues and will not add any benefits to kid's health.

It can even cause Choking in Kids:

You can find more information on Choking from:


moona Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 12:26:30 PM(UTC)
my baby is 2'8yrs old..he does not chew any food..he olny swallow it..n often vomit. .so I hv to mash every food. .he refuses hard foods..what will I do to improve his chewing habit?