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All the children love to listen to stories. If they can learn to enact stories, then they will immensely benefit from it. Enacting stories will help to increase the child’s creativity and it will also help in his mental development. It will also develop his learning and communication skill. Enacting stories should be added in to their curriculum. Children will absorb the art of enacting stories naturally from reading and storytelling sessions by the adults. Go on reading to know how you can help your kid to learn enacting stories.It can be fun to assist your child to enact stories. Simultaneously, it will help in his mental growth. As you read or tell stories to your kids, you must have noticed that stories have a universal appeal to their tender psyche. You will find that your children have an inborn tendency to emulate the characters of the stories, especially the heroic ones or those that catch their fancy.

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Diya Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:57:27 PM(UTC)
Dear Karuna,

You can not force child at this age for doing anything.

If you will become strict or punish your child, your child will become more careless and with growing age there will be no effect of what you are saying.

It is OK if you are working, try to adjust some quality time with your child.

Set routine with your child.

This dose not mean you should stop teaching and disciplining your child:

What you do strictly you can convert it in fun and more interesting for your child.

You can ask your child sing her favorite rhyme at the time of sleep but not strictly.

You can play CD of rhymes and watch with your child.

You and your family can also become part of her singing and make her comfortable to sing in-front of all of you.

It will also boost her confidence.

Your bonding with her become more stronger.

Remember kids will expect quality time from both parents, no matter they are working and their demand is their need.

Try to understand the psychology of kids.

You can find more details on how to spend quality time with your child from:


When you will involve yourself in activities with your baby she will do it more enthusiastically.

You can find more information on How to raise a happy toddler from:

karuna Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 11:47:41 AM(UTC)

My child wants to watch rhymes and shw knows some rhymes as well.If i am asking her to tell independently she said i dont know,i wont tell these type of answers.If i am saying the first line then shw will sing the next line but she will not tell the whole rhyme and more ever if she doesn't want to tell she tells very straight forward that i dont know,i wont tell.How can i manage her.Yet times i will say u should say otherwise mummy will be angry with you like that but how can i manage her.Being a working woman will get less time in week days to spend with her and watever the time i can spent is on weekends.