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At around this time, many mothers have a question: ”How many times should my baby nurse?” There is no right answer. Some one-year old are breast-feeding once or twice a day, while others enjoy lots of quiet times at their mother’s breast. A baby next door nurses around 7 times a day! She is a little over 1. So any number of times is normal.

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kashish Posted: Thursday, December 26, 2013 1:23:24 PM(UTC)

This is the age when your baby is growing and learning new things.

As you have mentioned she is very active child so, it is quite normal if she is not gaining wait.

You should worry if:

Baby complain about pain in the body after small round of any physical activity.

Baby keep crying and not enjoying any games or play.

Baby is dizzy.

But as your baby is happy and active child you need not required to worry.

As far as feeding your baby is concern as per new research mother can feed breast milk to baby till baby turns 3 years old.

There are many health benefits to baby due to extended breast feeding like:

Breast milk is best way to improve the immunity with compare to any solid food.

The components of breast-milk will protect child from infections for lifetime.

Extended breastfeeding will protect baby from obesity.

There are many other benefits of extended feeding of mother's milk.

SO if your baby is still having breast milk it good.

When you go out with your child you can collect/pump milk and carry with you, in 25 degree Celsius you can store milk till 5 to 6 hours and if you store it in thermal bag it can maintain all its good qualities till 24 hours.

You can find more information on Child development in year 2 from:

SHWETA GUPTA Posted: Thursday, December 26, 2013 1:07:50 AM(UTC)
my baby is 53 weeks old. and not gaining weight. i consulted with doctor, he told me everything is normal. my baby is very active. she walks, dances, plays but she doesnt eat anything. when she feels hungry, she comes to me. i nurse her. in public place it feels very awkward sometime. what should i do?? what should i give her for eat. she doesnt like sweet things. like salty.