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Infant’s Nutritional Supplement for Healthy GrowthMother’s milk is full of nutrients and no other food contains such healthy nutrients. Therefore, breast feed your baby for minimum six months and the best for one year if possible. Infants are growing very rapidly and therefore, they need more energy and nutrients for new tissue development. For any reason if mother cannot feed her baby, she should provide diet full of nutrients for healthy growth of baby.

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Vidhi Parikh Posted: Monday, August 5, 2013 6:37:37 PM(UTC)

If your babies are thin but having no physical problem then no need to worry much.

If they are having complains like leg aches and body pain after little physical activity then you must consult doctor, it can be due to lack of minerals or vitamins in the body.

If kids are having no health issues then it may be due to genes as height and body depends on genes, all you can try is to improve their diet.

6 years old child must eat all the vegetables and routine food cooked at home, you can add some milk and milk products in her diet: yogurt, cheese, butter, ghee etc.

In case of your 11 months old baby, start giving her solid food, she will refuse it at initial stage as having solid food is new learning for baby, so keep trying to offer her new solid food, never force baby to eat anything, offer new test and identify the test which she likes.

You can find more ideas to make your kids eat vegetables from:


Bharti koushik Posted: Monday, August 5, 2013 3:23:53 PM(UTC)
Mari two baby girls h 6year or 11 month, 6 year baby bhi week h kuch nahi khate or 11 month baye bhi mother feed he late h please dono ka lea kuch healthi diet chart da.