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For pregnant woman well-balance and healthy diet is very essential for healthy pregnancy and growth of baby in her womb. During pregnancy period many women find no desire for eating food normally in the first trimester, in such case as a healthy mother you should follow healthy diet plan to provide essential nutrients to your baby.

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riddhi vyas Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 4:38:29 PM(UTC)

You should eat all the healthy food during pregnancy, but in proper quantity.

If you were eating fruits before you conceive then there is no problem in having that food during pregnancy as your body and system is habituated for that food.

You should eat every thing that is home made and healthy.

You can increase the intake of green vegetable, fruits, nuts, etc
You must avoid any fast and junk food

As far as dates are concern they have many health benefits during pregnancy like:

Dates are full of iron, and during pregnancy you need iron in good amount to maintain your hemoglobin, which protects you from anemia.

Dates are also potassium rich food which helps you to sooth cramps and pain during pregnancy.

Dates are good source of vitamin B complex

Dates are instant energy boosters, as the are full of glucose and sugar.

Dates helps to solve many health issues that can cause problem during pregnancy like abdominal problems, constipation, diarrhea, and strengthening the uterine-wall during pregnancy.


Grapes helps you sooth vomiting, nausea, digestion problems during pregnancy etc.

Even who suffers from irregular periods before or after pregnancy can eat grapes to cure menstrual problems.

Grapes are good source of iron

It also purify blood.

So both these fruits are great to eat during pregnancy, but make sure that you do not over eat any fruit, as it will reverse all the good qualities and you will suffer from some other issues.

Before eating any fruit confirm from your doctor if you are having any health issues during pregnancy.

If you are having normal and healthy pregnancy then you should eat all the healthy food in small quantity, you can make your diet chart in which you balance all the important vitamins, minerals and fat you need during pregnancy.

You can find more details of food during pregnancy from:


You can also find your further week by week pregnancy guide from:

Hope this helps you!!!

Good Luck ThumpUp

kamil Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:02:53 AM(UTC)
how about food for 10 weeks pregnant woman? and may they eat dates and grapes?