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Ejaculatory incompetence is form of sexual dysfunction in males whereby they are quite unable to ejaculate during normal sexual intercourse or during manual stimulation by the female partner. The term ejaculation actually refers to the release of semen from the penis. When this fails to occur in a man, he is said to be suffering from ejaculatory incompetence. The ugly condition is also referred to retarded ejaculation or sex-delayed ejaculation.

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Kelly Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:18:02 PM(UTC)
I have been with my husband for a little over a year. I knew when I met him that he is a cross dresser that thrives on "forced anal sex" from me when he is in drag. This is all fine with me. However, he is unable to have an orgasm with me during sexual intercourse unless he is wearing a plug for prostate stimulation. He refuses to wear one when he is not in drag so orgasms during sexual intercourse between us never ends with mutual orgasm or him having reached climax at all.He shows very little interest in sex unless he is in drad. I have asked him if he is homosexual, reassuring him that if he is I would love him none the less but, he swears he is not. His mother was/is very controlling and so is he. He is not abusive in any way but has to control everything. I have always been able to bring a man to climax pretty much at will and this has me puzzled.He does not initiate sexual contact with me and it seems he will "do it" just to make me happy. I know he loves me to death as I him.