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Children are very innocent and they follow what they see around them. Normally, child follows his parents’ first, then other close family member and then friends when you send him to school. Therefore, as a parent, it is your responsibility to teach good behavior and disciplines to child from very small age. You need to make a habit that your child has to follow it. Good manners and disciplines are essential quality to be developed in your kids from childhood. Disciplines teach your child regarding difference between wrong and right. It is the continuous learning process to make your child capable to improve himself and understand what is right for him. You should teach good behavior and disciplines to your child very politely and skillfully. You do not need to get very strict and punish your child if he does not obey your instructions initially.

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lele balesamang Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:18:02 PM(UTC)
I do learn much from your web page and highly appreciate.
My boy aged 2 and half years resides with me in the country sides, a very remote settlement where I work as a teacher while the mother stays in the city and only meets the boy rarely. The boy spends most of his day time playing indoors with no interaction of other kids. He is just or still learning to express words (learning to speak). Can this affect him in his development?

When is the rightful time for this boy to go to the nursery school in the city because here there is none.