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Shyness is a mental condition that almost all the children may experience in one time or other. However, there are some children who experience shyness to an alarming degree. The shy children usually are more keen to observe their playmates rather than participating or joining others. They prefer to keep silent, especially when they are in an unfamiliar environment. They refuse to talk to others. If your preschooler is shy about mixing with other children of your age group, you should take care to counsel him so that he can get over this habitual inhibition. You should be careful much before you plan to admit in a school, because, a shy child will be reluctant to enter a new surrounding like a classroom, unless he is escorted by a parent. In the school, shy children may face many difficulties as they will be reluctant to join group activities like dancing, singing or playing. The presence of any unfamiliar individual will make them withdraw in to themselves or they may just stare at the ground.

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Muskan Posted: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 5:51:11 PM(UTC)

Social anxiety in kids is quite common.

It normally is considered as shyness but you need to identify the difference between shyness and social anxiety.

You must give your child an environment where she can meet new people, make friends and get socially involved.

You can take her to children's park and let your kid meet new people.

Always try to boost your kid's confidence.

Such kids are very sensitive and their appearance to society is always a big question mark to them so, become guide and support for child.

Generally kids who suffer from social anxiety will be very calm and disciplined in schools and every where as because of fear they will not speak any thing.

DO not try to STOP your kids from playing with other kids.

Ask your child to say HELLO to every one he meet first time a day.

Increase conversation with your child, ask her for her whole day activities, keep interacting.

These will change the habit of your child to not to speak

Remember when kids do not speak they have fear and a lot to share so, keep taking and allow your child to make new friends.

You can call her friends at home for small party it will break the ice between your child with new people and things will go smooth.
urvi Posted: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 11:25:54 AM(UTC)
Hi, My 3.6 yr child is having fobia of crowd. When he goes out in function or in crowded place that he wants me to carry him. he don't interact with people. he dont even talk with known pople or family members too. he wants only mom. he keep saying he want to go home. what can i do?? pls suggest