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“I will eat but you have to guess first what food is on my head…” This might be the idea of some toddlers, when you call them for a meal. Moms are usually bothered with toddlers who are picky eaters. At this growing stage of a child, it is a hard task for them to feed pick-eating ones. They exhibit the picky-on-food or mice-like eating habits that requires patience and understanding. Most moms are getting too much trouble in choosing their child’s food. It might be healthy but the toddler won’t even mind it or even just tasting it for once.

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priyanka desai Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 4:47:38 PM(UTC)

First you need to check milestones of your child.

If your baby is growing properly with age and having required weight and height then no need to worry.

If your baby is not developing like other kids of this age you must take her to doctor for proper check up.

You can find developmental milestones of kids up to 2 years from:


Baby will not develop healthy eating habits by herself, you need to train her to eat healthy.

Do not force your baby to eat anything.

If child does not like to drink milk you can try to add some flavor to milk like chocolate, strawberry, you can also add some crushed dried fruits.

You must start giving semi solid and solid food to your baby.

Start giving with fruits.

Fruits will fulfill most need of minerals and vitamins in her body.

You can also give:

Rice and dal
Fresh cooked chapati and cooked vegetables etc.

If your child refuse to have food do not force her.

Arrange her chair with all family members for dinner, let her sea how rest of the family members are having their food.

Keep offering her new things and try to identify the test she like to eat.

Gradually she will develop the habit of eating healthy.

You can find diet chart for kids of 1 to 2 years from:

padmaja Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 1:03:22 PM(UTC)
My baby is 1 yr 6 months old she won't eat anything,she eat ceralac by force.she won't drink milk. I'm very worried about my baby.please help me