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Thumb sucking in children is a habit that every parent wishes to end. But a child who engages in thumb sucking finds it soothing. Many parents improvise thumb sucking with pacifiers, not really a start in an attempt to stop the child’s thumb sucking habit. Merely an alternative.

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priyanka desai Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2014 6:45:27 PM(UTC)

Kids suck their thumbs for many possible reasons like:

Sucking will calm down baby.
If baby is crying and she starts sucking thumb she will begin to relax.
If your baby is teething it will sooth the pain in gums by cutting teeth.

This is normal process.

Do not bring out the thumb all of sudden from baby's mouth it will make kid even more cranky.

Give teether to baby and keep it clean and hygienic.

By the age of 2 baby will start learning new things to sooth her and will quite the habit of thumb sucking.

You must make sure that your baby's hands are always clean as sucking fingers or thumb can cause infections in kids.

You can find more information on Thumb-sucking in babies from:


If baby is not ready to quit mother's feed it is fine.

As per new research if baby and mother both are comfortable you can feed up to the age of 3 years.

Research has proved that baby's having long term feeding are more healthy and are having less chances of bones problems and obesity problems in future.

If you want to stop feeding your baby you need to train your child.

You can stop feeding step by step.

Start giving solid food during day time so baby will not feel hungry and will not demand.

Once bay adopt habit of solid food you can reduce number of feedings to wards stop feeding.

You can find more information on Extended breastfeeding from:

susan constantine Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2014 4:40:03 PM(UTC)
My son 19 months old boy used to thump suck while he feels sleepy..and also he has not yet stopped mother's milk,he shows as s sign of hav to be feed mother's milk,how can i stop this kind of habbit.